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  • Paperback
  • 432
  • ueens' Play
  • Dorothy Dunnett
  • English
  • 01 March 2018
  • 9780679777441

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    I bumped my initial 4 star rating to 5 since this book was still making me think and shake my head in wonder several days after I finished reading itFrancis Crawford of Lymond has been summoned by the Dowager ueen of Scotland who is temporarily

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    new word I've learned from this book An ollave of the highest grade is professor singer poet all in the one His songs and tales are of battles and voyages of tragedies and adventures of cattle raids and preyings of forays hostings courtships and elopements hidings and destructions sieges and feasts and slaughters; and you'd rather listen to a man killing a pig than hear half of them through After the epic struggle to cle

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    Me after A Game of Kings “Can I shoot him preferably with a haruebus please? Lymond is so insufferable”Me after ueen’s Play “Can I have him preferably scantily dressed please? Lymond is so entertaining”That could comprise my whole rev

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    c'est vraiment magnifiuePS Lymond was his usual spectacular self one expects no less from him but the star of the show was Phelim O'LiamRoe 💖

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    I said on twitter that I am smart enough to read Dunnett but just barely She layers intrigue and action with some beautiful language but I was

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    Second reading June 2016 via audio book as with TGoK made me love it even original reviewI still think Francis Crawford of Lymond the Master of Culter is basically Lord Flashheart from Blackadder in subtler guise But now now he act

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    To say that Dorothy Dunnett's writing is in a league of its own would be a huge understatement because it's far better than that It's basically a sport of its own played after rules no one else can ever understand played with such excellence and brilliance that no one else ever dares to pick up the ball and give it a try

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    It is two years since the close of The Game of Kings and someone is planning the murder of young Mary ueen of Scots and Mary of Guise summons Francis Crawford of Lymond to France to stop the murderous plot Francis comes in disguise

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    Frustrating absorbing and intensely emotional I can't stop thinking about this bookLymond is back this time in France hanging out in disguise in the most extravagant and decadent court in 16 c Europe trying to protect the young Mary ueen of scots The story starts with a bang there are many twists and turns and Dorothy Dunnett had me wrong footed right form the start Fans of the main character may be a little disappoin

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    I didn't need to swallow this whole It was a reread for Pete's sake I could have taken my time and savored every delicious brilliant

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Dorothy Dunnett ↠ 8 review

ueens' Play

Is only a little girl the ueen is already the object of malicious intrigues that extend from her native country to the court of France It is to France that Lymond mus. I said on twitter that I am smart enough to read Dunnett but just barely She layers intrigue and action with some beautiful language but I was often forced to go back and reread several pages because i missed something vital she doesn t hold your hand and warn you when something major is coming upI still can t help but seeing Lymond as a historical Bugs Bunny with at stake He is in and out of every situation changes personas like hats and is good at everything More importantly he never REALLY seems to be in trouble and through two books I never doubt his eventual victory Perhaps depth will come of his character though the seven book series Great series so far Historical Fiction is rarely my thing but I will continue working through Dunnett s

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T travel exercising his sword hand and his agile wit while also undertaking the most unlikely of masuerades all to make sure that his charge's royal person stays intac. It is two years since the close of The Game of Kings and someone is planning the murder of young Mary ueen of Scots and Mary of Guise summons Francis Crawford of Lymond to France to stop the murderous plot Francis comes in disguise as a member of the entourage of a Prince of Ireland and the game is on Thady Boy Ballagh nee Lymond charms the decadent French court with his wit sarcasm and music as Dunnett slowly unpeels the layers of her tale with plot twists and surprise turns around every corner No one is what they appears to be at first glance even Francis Is Thady Boy really a drunken sot or is someone trying to poison him Someone is trying to kill O LiamRoe but is it because they think he is Lymond in disguise Does the young Archer Robin Stewart who befriends Thady Boy have another motive than friendship While the book is slow at times this story unfolds amidst the decadence of the French Court it s hard drinking partying courtiers scheming noblemen a race atop the roofs and steeples of Paris brilliant and ending in a nail biting finish as the plot to murder Mary comes full circle and Francis efforts to save Mary include some members of the King s menagerie a couple of elephants a roaring lion and even the chimpanzees get in the act Throughout Francis Crawford is a fascinating hero and is as suave debonair flawed and fascinating as only a 16th Century version of James Bond could be This is a complicated tale and one that a reader has to pay close attention to if you let your mind wander you may have to back track occasionally as I did However if you enjoy a complicated action packed surprise around every corner type of novel ala Dumas you will probably find this series to be right up your alley Five stars and now on to book 3 The Disorderly Knights

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Second in the legendary Lymond Chronicles ueens' Play follows Francis Crawford of Lymond who has been abruptly called into the service of Mary ueen of Scots Though she. Me after A Game of Kings Can I shoot him preferably with a haruebus please Lymond is so insufferable Me after ueen s Play Can I have him preferably scantily dressed please Lymond is so entertaining That could comprise my whole review of Dunnett s series in a nutshell were it not for a I am bound to a compromise to review and b I m likely to regret this fangirly statement in a few years when old and toothless I don t believe I ve had a sharp turnaround of this sort before going from having a poor opinion of a character in one book and liking the same character in the next and if I have it mustn t have stayed with me for later recalling The first of the reasons to point out would be that my three major complaints about the debut book are toned down in the second Not only is the plot better fleshed out following a less confusing plotline keeping it still in the traditional swashbuckling mould and that the author doesn t spell all out for the reader at the end as before Instead the surprises ambush the reader at every turn and the head scratching comes from trying to figure out the solution to mysteries that drive the story rather than interpreting the obscure uotes The atmosphere of court intrigue as opposed to the insane castle to fortress to countryside adventure route of the previous volume also helps in following the narrative with ease for me at least as I tend to like that settingThose who complained about the language and foreign phrases in Game of Kings will be pleased to know that this time Dunnett doesn t overuse this techniue and not only does the language become clearer but also flows better because of it True the foreign uotations and the unknown allusions are still there but both because the reader would already be familiar with the author s style as well as for the lesser uantities to be found Lymond can now speak in prose like everyone else to paraphrase an exasperated characterLymond his character had such an aura of immaturity and preciousness that didn t uite do it for me and when I don t warm up to the main character it s not easy for me to appreciate a book as it would deserve And it was him out of all my issues with the first book what had left me hesitant to ever pick up the next I didn t like Lymond Didn t like him in the first book But persistence paid off Dunnett is slowly starting to pan out the personal growth of her young character that wasn t evident before and we start to see glimpses of Lymond s inner demons and doubts and the regrets he seemed incapable of having We witness that he does carry a cross in the form of the memory of the people that died in his service like Christian Stewart that manifests itself in his reluctance to risk his men or women and his preference for jeopardising his own life by attracting the would be assassins unto himself to spare his men any risks It s said that Dunnett s been too heavy handed with Lymond s physical safety this time and whilst it s true that in this book he gets broken bones wounds and poisonings than one can count they aren t gratuitous and within the context of his reasons for that behaviour I wouldn t be inclined to consider all that excessive whatsoever To me it makes sense and does add to his character growth and there s also that he for the first time that I can recall expresses hopelessness when confronted by a well meaning appeal to keep on living he blurts out For what And then there is the guilt over the archer in whose demise he has his share of responsibility In sum two years haven t passed without a mark on the carefree Scottish adventurer s personality he is maturing yet still delightfully childish He is better at his job and cautious yet still insanely daring A side of him that will likely emerge in its full glory later is also glimpsed here he has a great capacity to love unlike what a certain embittered lady tells of him and when it s time he is going to fall hard Can t wait to see it personallyNow what about the storyline Oh the storyline I fear you all are going to have to read the book to find out exactly why I m giving this five big shiny stars All I can promise you is lots of adventure so make sure not to read it in the night once you re close to the ending