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Passion Between The StacksHelen Murphy loves her supportive family her close knit circle of friends and her part time job at the library What she doesn't love the fact that she's a thirty six year old near virgin who lives in her parents' house Eager to move out and reclaim her independence at long last she's determined to get the libr. First the things that I liked about this bookThere was some fun banter between Wes and Helen At times they felt well matched for one another Wes plan was an interesting idea and the buildup generally worked All of the information about the May Day holiday and its traditions was a fun touchButThe ages didn t feel right for this to me The way they acted the points they were in their lives It felt appropriate for people in their twenties than for people in their midlate thirties and I say this as someone in her early thirties Helen s dream was not just small it didn t even seem to make much sense for someone her age She just wanted to work with books and support herself Working in a bookstore would have been fine with her But there were no other jobs in bookstores or libraries for over hundreds of miles That s asking for uite a suspension of disbelief Her lack of considering jobs outside this didn t make me take her very seriously either unfortunately If she loves books why not consider trying to work for a publisher If supporting herself was so important surely there were administrative opportunities available somewhere within 400 miles of her Something like this wouldn t ordinarily be all that important except that it was such a big deal to the plot that she couldn t possibly work anywhere but at that library because there was no other work for her anywhere elseI also couldn t really understand why exactly Wes cared so much all of a sudden They had basically no history that he was aware of aside from a one hour stand Being apologetic sure Caring to win her Hmm The ridiculous jealous behavior didn t seem to work for me eitherWhich brings me to the other thing that just didn t work for me The sex The language and behaviors felt jarring to me once things of sexual nature came up You would get grandiose emotions that felt a bit over the top and then things like I want to eat your pussy and He couldn t wait to feel her warm pussy pulsing around his cock I ll admit that generally I cringe when I read pussy and tits in romance novels but I can look past them most of the time In this though so much of everything was just about lust and sex Wes didn t woo Helen He got her off They were either at work or getting each other off somewhere handjobs in cars cunnilingus in the mayor s office dry humping in a public pool It seems that even Helen s previous virgin status was just another thing to excite Wes and had very little baring on the plotOverall I felt like there was a lot of promise here I liked the author s voice and the characters were all fine The issues encountered were interesting and not too crazy as to be unbelievable Unfortunately I need to toss this into the Not for Me pile If you are someone who enjoys jealous alpha males borderline smutty sex scenes and insta lust then this is very likely the book for you I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review My opinion is my own

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Ur stand with deliciously nerdy librarian Helen As they plan the city's upcoming May Day celebrations together he'll try to prove he can do better in bed and out It may take every bit of his creativity and determination but their budding romance has already gone down in flames once and he'll be damned if he'll let Helen go a second tim. Mayday is book 3 in Olivia Dade s fun Lovestruck Librarians series which follows a group of librarian friends This is my favorite book in the series so far As always Dade excels at wit and banter to the point where I found myself snort laughing uite a few times But Mayday also made an emotional impact on me and I love it when a book can make me both laugh and cryHelen Murphy is a part time adult reference librarian She loves her job but sorely misses the independence that comes with having a full time career Previously she worked in a bookstore but after she was laid off she had to move back in with her parents to make ends meet She has been looking for a full time job for the past few years with no luckSo when Helen learns about a new Community Outreach Coordinator position at the library she s excited Not only does the job sound like a perfect fit for her but it would also bump her up to full time status There s just one catch in order to bolster her credentials for her interview Helen has to plan the upcoming May Day celebration with the local mayor Wes RamirezFlash back to a little less than a year ago and a disastrous one night stand starring none other than Mayor Wes himself The last thing Helen wants to do is work alongside the guy who rejected her after his lackluster performance in bed to be honest but she really wants this job So Helen and Wes begin their collaboration to make this the best May Day celebration that Niceville has ever seenHelen and Wes actually went to the same high school but they certainly didn t run in the same circles Helen was a shy nerdy plus sized girl while Wes was a stereotypically popular jock As adults their one night stand was ill fated but after they discover that they ll be working together Wes is determined to make it up to Helen And Wes sure knows how to give good grovelIn turn Helen feels the weight of their temporary arrangement Wes has big dreams ones that extend beyond Niceville but is there a place for Helen in that life As they start to fall hard for each other Wes seeks to convince Helen that he s the right man for her not just for the short term but for always feeeelsThere s so much to love about this book multilayered characters who I grew to care about hilarious scenes involving Maypole mishaps and phallic protestors and a well rounded ensemble cast of characters both from previous books as well as upcomingThere s also an important subplot involving Wes and his tenuous relationship with his parents which is another source of my aforementioned feelsMayday is an emotional story that brings with it a good dose of laughter some seriously hot sexy times and a few happy tears I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it

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Ary's new Community Outreach Coordinator position Even if that means working side by side with the one man she desperately wants to avoid Niceville's ambitious mayor Wes Ramirez who happens to be her only previous lover and the source of her greatest humiliationWes needs to make up for his disastrous one night actually make that one ho. Being a thirty six year old virgin isn t all it s cracked up to be so when Helen sees an opportunity to lose her V card to the man she has been lusting after since high school she takes it But thinks don t uite go as she hoped and an hour later she finds herself completely disillusioned and disappointed and vowing never to see him again which is a little difficult as he s Wes Ramirez the town s mayor Which makes it awkward when she is sent as the library s representative to help with the mayday celebration that Wes is planning Wes can t believe the mess he made with Helen he needs to show her that he is not that selfish guy she met in the bar she s made him a better man and he has a plan to prove itThis book was just what I fancied an easy reading sexy sweet romance great for kicking back and relaxing with This is actually the third book in this series and although I haven t picked up the others I am definitely willing to give them a try next time I am in the same mood It had that cute small town romance vibe and although Mayday doesn t really stand out from the crown of other small town romances that didn t mean I enjoyed it any lessWhat I did really like about this book and put a smile on my face The fact that Wes was awful in bed the first time they got together and rather than Helen having a transcendent cherry popping experience instead she is left wondering what the fuss is about when her vibrators do a better job Of course that does mean Wes is left later in the book having to prove that he can do better than her BOB luckily he then proves her toys defunctThis is a great book if you are after something heart warming uirky with a little heat to go with it I have never read any books by Olivia Dade before but I am sure to give her another try soon

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    uickShot Review 375 starsI completely binged this series and I’m feeling a bit gluttonous Going into this book I had several concerns that are tied to spoilers that I had since I read the last book first and there are events that happen here that do impact that last book Without going into those spoilers I think the sensitive situation was handled very well and didn’t impact my overall enjoyment of either romanceThat said Helen and We

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    First the things that I liked about this bookThere was some fun banter between Wes and Helen At times they felt well matched for one another Wes' plan was an interesting idea and the buildup generally worked All of the information abo

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    Review also found here received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review The expected publication date is May 10th 2016 This story is the third instalment in the Love

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    Mayday is the third entry in the Lovestruck Librarians series a small town romance series centered around a lovely group of women friends who work for the local library in varying capacities Having enjoyed the first 2 stories in th

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    This was a cute read a very cute readHelen is a very relatable character and I loved that I loved that she was described as an everyday woman with curves and a vivacious attitude and she sounded so realistic that it was easy to bond with her Helen wasn't the only one I ended up loving Her close friends sound li

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    Being a thirty six year old virgin isn’t all it’s cracked up to be so when Helen sees an opportunity to los

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    Mayday is book #3 in Olivia Dade's fun Lovestruck Librarians series which follows a group of librarian friends This is my favorite book in the s

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    Being a thirty six year old virgin isn't all it's cracked up to be so when Helen sees an opportunity to lose her V card to the man she has been lusting after since high school she takes it But thinks don't uite go as she hoped and an

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    A sweet not too eventful small town romance between the town's attractive but somewhat insecure male mayor and one of its part time librarians a plus sized woman who's lusted after the guy since high school The size issue isn't really an issu

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    This was a good installment in the series but it wasn't that great either Many of the problems I'd had with the