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D But even there she is haunted by her past and by the constant threat of discovery Soon she finds that respectability and marriage bring a new kind of imprisonment But having come so far Linny is not about to surrender easily In the lush tropics of India she finds not only the means of rebellionshe finds that she may be capable of feeling love and freedom after a.

CHARACTERS The Linnet Bird: A Novel

The Linnet Bird: A Novel

In the claustrophobic mannered world of British India Linny Ingram seems the perfect society wife pretty gracious subservient But appearances can be deceptive Linny Ingram was born Linny Gow an orphan raised in the gray slums of Liverpool Sold into prostitution by her stepfather when she was only eleven Linny clung to the belief that she was meant for something so.

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Mething better than life on the cold dangerous streetsA stroke of luck granted Linny the chance to re create herself as a proper middle class young lady allowing her to join the fishing fleetyoung women of good birth who sailed to India in search of husbands India with its exotic colors sights and smells is a world away from the cold back alleys of Linnys childhoo.

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