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Otect the ones she has come to love Hannah O'Neal spins a tale of adventure domination and loyalty as she uses each character to show the reader important values and themes throughout the story Fly with these owls as you fight to save Argon from the oncoming doom of the Paura.

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Soar Author Hannah E. ONeal

Chased out of her home by a Eurasian Eagle owl and lugging an injured wing a Snowy owl named Arne finds herself bonding with some local owls for survival But her turns from adventure to war as she discovers an organization planning to rule her homeland The mastermind is a mys.

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Terious bird called the Pauraue who acts like the fate of Argon is another one of her elaborate games Even worse the Eurasian Eagle owl is in charge as Lady Byhi and she's ready to have the world bow at her feet Can Arne trust not only her group but herself as she tries to pr.

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