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  • The Image of You
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  • 06 December 2018
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10 thoughts on “The Image of You

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    Book Reviewed by Linda on wwwwhisperingstoriescomAdele Parks your books just keep getting better and betterImag

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    This was a very disappointing book Not one character was likeable or believable Not one I would recommend

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    It’s always good to read Adele Parks books when you want to escape life and The Image of You was no differentIt all starts with Anna joining a dating website to find the man of her dreams This romantic and lovely woman in her early thirties has come to accept that she will never find him if she waits for their eyes to meet across a crowde

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    Nick has been using dating sights for years to get his own wicked way He has no interest in relationships but doe

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    It's been a long time since I read anything by Adele Parks and I was a little surprised to find that she's moved into the psychological thril

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    The nail varnish yessssEven though I sussed wot was the plot lol pretty early on I still turned the pages avidly because Park's ending could have twisted several ways a good read but I was left thinking am I brilliant at unravelling or is the story transparent? And does it matter?

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    I didn't really have high expectations for this but boy what are a read An highly enjoyable read that was very cleverly written Thi

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    Firstly a huge thank you to the headline team at bookbridgr I am a huge Adele parks fan and have been reading her books for as long as I can remember Again as expected this was swiftly read in one gulpI think it's safe to say she gets better and betterThis explores siblings and the troubled relationship they can haveWhat happens wh

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    So many eye rolls I never can guess the twist in the tale so when I spotted this one so obvious after just a few chapters I was intrigued and of course just had to finish Huge disappointment Don’t bother was not worth it

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    Took me a little while to get into this but once I did it was gripping I didn’t guess the outcome there were several possible directions Totally recommend it

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The Image of You

Xtreme; she thinks Nick is a liarZoe has seen Anna betrayed by men before She'll stop at nothing to discover the truth about NickLies may hurt But honesty can ki. I didn t really have high expectations for this but boy what are a read An highly enjoyable read that was very cleverly written This book follows twins Anna and Zoe Identical in appearance utterly different in personality they share a bond so close that nothing or no one can rip them apart Until Anna meets charismatic Nick Anna is trusting romantic and hopeful she thinks Nick is perfect Zoe is daring dangerous and extreme she thinks Nick is a liar Zoe has seen Anna betrayed by men before She ll stop at nothing to discover if Nick is as good as he seemsI was hooked on this book right from the very first page The twists and turns just kept on coming and I found myself enjoying it and every chapter Extremely well written and I found it very hard to put down This one featured great characters I found myself sympathizing with all the main characters at one point or another throughout the story Although I guessed a couple of aspects of the story early the twist at the end was something I didn t see coming Brilliant A rollercoaster of a read that I highly recommend

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Can you ever trust someone you meet onlineTwins Anna and Zoe are identical in appearance and utterly different in personality They share a bond so close that not. This was a very disappointing book Not one character was likeable or believable Not one I would recommend

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Hing and no one can rip them apartUntil Anna meets charismatic NickAnna is trusting romantic and hopeful; she thinks Nick is perfectZoe is daring dangerous and e. It s been a long time since I read anything by Adele Parks and I was a little surprised to find that she s moved into the psychological thriller genre The Image of You is most certainly domestic noir it s a study in sibling relationships in rivalry and love with a twistAnna is the uiet unassuming twin living in the UK and dreaming of finding her ideal man Creating an online profile on a dating website is not something that she s all that comfortable with and when her twin sister Zoe insists that she must be a little imaginative in her profile Anna is uneasyZoe and Anna are twins and whilst they may look alike their personalities character and lifestyles are the complete opposite Anna runs everything past Zoe even though she knows that Zoe s opinions and influences are not always the bestWhen Anna meets Nick she falls completely and utterly head over heels in love He is everything that she ever dreamed of Handsome rich successful and kind just the type of guy that she needs in her life Zoe on the other hand is suspicious She doesn t believe that anyone can be as perfect as Nick and is determined to protect her sister and make sure that she isn t hurtWhen Zoe and Nick finally meet the story takes a dark and uneasy turn Zoe s manipulative behaviour and Nick s weaknesses slowly and surely take their toll and the reader is left wondering just what the hell is going onAdele Parks has written a clever and well thought out story that starts out as a domestic drama and turns into an intense and dramatic tale of mental illness bereavement and dishonestly There are secrets and lies along with shocks and twists that keep the reader gripped Her character creation is excellent with Anna and Zoe being especially well done The female characters certainly take the edge in this oneWhilst I ll admit that I did guess the twist in The Image of You before the reveal it wasn t an issue as I was eager to find out how the author would present it to the reader I wasn t disappointed and the actual detail was extremely well done and not what I expected at allWith an intriguing hook this is a gripping and uite compelling story that explores the intensity of relationships and the effect of grief

About the Author: Adele Parks

Adele Parks was born in Teesside NE England She studied English Language and Literature at Leicester University She published her first novel Playing Away in 2000; that year the Evening Standard identified Adele as one of London’s ‘Twenty Faces to Watch’ Indeed Playing Away was the debut bestseller of 2000Prolific Adele has published nine novels in nine years including Game Over Tell Me