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An think of New Zealand There he boards with a substitute mom and her too hot to be real son Heath but Heath and his homophobic friend Rory want William to leave before things “cr. This didn t really work for me By the end of the book I was starting to think Will had a case of split personality and what were supposed to be his cute uirks just made me roll my eyes

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William By Anyta Sunday

William needs to learn to think before he speaks He accidentally outed his last boyfriend to his bigoted family Looking to make a new start he escapes to the most distant place he c. FREEBIE 841735


Ash and burn” whatever that means Unfortunately traveling to the end of the world isn’t far enough for William to lose his runaway mouthBut is it far enough to lose his loneline. FREE on today 4272019

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    FREEBIE 841735

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    Mixed bag of thoughts with this oneI nearly ditched this one because for than a half of the book I really wasn't feeling any connection with the charactersHeath was an arse Will was a mass of neuroses and I didn't want them to get together at all But then the story sort of flipped and became less angsty and a

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    Yeah this is sad but it is gonna be a 'return for refund' at around 43% I did NOT hit my stride with Heath; he just pissed me off and his hot a

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    That was uite the pull and pushThe hot and coldThe yes and noIt got a bit confusing and annoying at timesAnd although I tend to enjoy this kind

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    fab on to the next one

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    This didn’t really work for me By the end of the book I was starting to think Will had a case of split personality and what were supposed to be his “cute” uirks just made me roll my eyes

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    🎁 FREE on today 4272019 🎁

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    After reading St st stuffed I really looked forward to learning about William's story I would suggest reading the preuel Get It Enemies to Lovers #25 just so that you have a bit of a background on Heath before 'the horrible event' happened I'm glad that I didI got the feeling from the very beginning of the book that Hea

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    Mmm I didn't like this book much Cannot recommend

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    35 StarsThis was a good story but the premise was a little overdone It presumed a lot with Heath's family and Heath's reactions were a little inconsistent at times He was a little all over the place in his reactions I never felt like everything came from a true place That being said I did like Will and Heath as a couple Also I enj

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