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    This is a great book about maps and mapping from before the days of Global Positioning Systems The first half is about how to use maps and what they represent The second half is about map making It makes you want to try to map your own area

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    A good introduction to cartography and the mathematics behind it For beginners or the curious

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Ok CJ Angus Canadian Geographical JournalFor the baggy and middle aged who cannot afford skiing in Austria or sailing off Bimini Greenhood invites his readers to a sort of intellectual excitement which neither skiing nor sailing could eual Unless you work professionally with maps to the degree that a navigator does for instance this book.

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Down to Earth Mapping for Everybody

A praiseworthy introduction to the lore of maps and a mine of information for the amateur map maker OM Miller American Geographical SocietyThis book should be welcomed by all students of mapping for it will take them in uncomplicated stages through the complexities of compiling a map Mr Greenwood is to be congratulated on an excellent bo.


Will fascinate and enthrall you Monroe Bush American ForestsA teacher who wishes to go into the classroom with a storehouse of knowledge and ideas will find this a remarkable book It is easy to read and each page contains information which can be fed into the work in progress no matter which area of the world is being studied Instructo.