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The murder of a fellow vampire; Tessa is determined to tell the terrible truth about the events that led to her trial It’s a story that involves orgiastic group sex; sadomasochistic thrills; and lesbian trysts with beau.

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Once Bitten

Tiful vampires It’s a story of passion and promise with every delicious sensation heightened by vampiric awareness It’s a story that takes her on a satisfying discovery of the pleasures that come from being Once Bitten.

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A vampire novel with lesbian and menage themes by Lisette AshtonTessa’s life hangs in the balance – and she’s already been dead for the past month Standing before a court of her peers; charged with treason heresy and. The Mark of her peers; charged with treason heresy and.

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    Wow I actually really liked this book uite a bit then I thought I would Now please keep in mind this is NOT your typical romance This is an erotic novel and there is a LOT of very explicit sexual activity in itThe story take

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    Vampires it seems find pain to be a powerful aphrodisiac Burn them with crosses and holy water and they will scream with the agony of it but they will also burn with a deeper hunger for sexual satisfactionTessa's friend Mel turns her into a vampire because she needs help seducing the priest she loves However the priest betrays her

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