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Omething that she couldn’t explain With each day that she spent in the company of the human Vayna felt the desire to die less and less In the back of her mind however she couldn’t get rid of the nagging feeling she had Just who was Sage Loveren and why did the ancient vampire feel like she met her once befo.

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Dangerous Love

Being a vampire in the 21st century was not an easy task especially with the fascination rising in the humans with every passing movie Certainly not in a city the size of New York City either It was enough to make the oldest vampire in the world want to take her undead life Indeed that was what Valkyrie “Vayn.

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A” Chronos intended to do when she encountered Sage Loveren a mortal who had no idea who she was aside from her name Vayna never intended to keep the mortal around her Her only thought had been to have one last real drink before she died for good There was something in the young mortal eyes that stopped her S.

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    I started off liking this because it begins sweet and the two main characters truly care about each other Halfway through though Dangerous Love just gets too repetitive When the violent and very much unprovoked murder of a woman no matter how homophobic and hurtful her words may be to the main character's girlfriend she is