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Accident The court case became Helen Garner's obsession She followed it on its protracted course until the final verdict In this utterly compelling book Helen Garner tells the story of a man and his broken life She presents the theatre of the courtroom with its actors and audience all gathered for the purpose of bearing witness to the truth players in the extraordinary and unpredictable drama of the uest for justice This House of Grief is a heartbreaking and unputdownable book by one of Australia's most admired writers Helen Garner's first novel Monkey Grip won the 1978 National Book Council Award and was ada. This House of Grief by Helen Garner is a truly sorrowful book as one might imagine from the title In 2005 on Father s Day in Winchelsea Australia Robert Faruharson drove off the road into a dam He was able to exit the car safely but his three young sons drown Separated from his wife Cindy Gambino Faruharson had the children for the day and was on the way to returning them to their mother Purportedly suffering a syncopal episode caused by a coughing fit Faruharson lost consciousness and control of the car Garner writes of the Supreme Court of Victoria where Faruharson s trial takes place as a freelance journalist and curious citizen I had spent many days solitary and absorbed in the courtrooms of that nineteenth century pile in central Melbourne Garner follows the case keeping notes and witty observations of testimonies defense and prosecuting lawyers and body language of those involved uestions abound Did Faruharson plan to murder his children to get back at his wife who had gotten a new boyfriend Was this really a horrific accident caused by the rare condition of cough syncope The truth is hard to pin down and Garner will show this as the lawyers uestion witnesses Police evidence of tire prints trajectory whether there were steering inputs how the bodies of the children appear how Faruharson acted at the scene the things he did immediately after and following the incident his relationship with his wife his frame of mind in the weeks and months prior to the incident and conversations taped by the police between Faruharson and his wife and between Faruharson and a friend are all up for detailed inspection The chapter about whether a car door can be opened after a car goes into the water had me online googling how to exit a submerged car Someone Faruharson Or one of the boys had managed to unbuckle the youngest a 2 year old The other two boys had taken off their seatbelts The driver s side door is openGarner paints a picture of the uest for truth at times like a cast of actors participating in a theater play and at times the earnest effort of a court of law I love the cover picture of the three glasses of water one for each of the boys Garner writes As he did every day for the comfort of counsel the tipstaff set out along the bar table several tall clear plastic jugs of water The eye rested with relief on those evenly spaced columns of purity Getting to the truth isn t easy and sometimes it may be impossible An immersive experience to take in the courtroom drama as Garner presented it and a tantalizing puzzle of who did what and why it was also a heartbreaking study of the dynamics of a destroyed family It was interesting to me because an acuaintance of my son and daughter in law was murdered along with her three children by the husband father who then shot himself committing suicide I thought I might find some kind of answer in this book as to why something like that might happen Those uestions are probed but not answered fully not to my satisfaction at least and I admit that might be an impossible task Garner is a trustworthy and relatable observer Sometimes she cracks a little wry humor it s necessary Recommended


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Pted for film in 1981 Since then she has published novels short stories essays and feature journalism In 1995 she published The First Stone a controversial account of a Melbourne University sexual harassment case Joe Cinue's Consolation 2004 was a non fiction study of two murder trials in Canberra In 2006 Helen Garner received the inaugural Melbourne Prize for Literature Her most recent novel The Spare Room 2008 won the Victorian Premier's Literary Award for Fiction the ueensland Premier's Award for Fiction and the Barbara Jefferis Award and has been translated into many languages Helen Garner lives in Melbourn. This House of Grief by Helen GarnerThis story reads like a work of fiction incredibleit makes me reflect on the absolute fragility of the human condition and how regardless of our culpability things can radically change in the blink of an eyefor better or for worseI find it uite disconcerting to even for a moment entertain the notion that in a flash moment of time life can so drastically alter its direction as to utterly and irrevocably change its courseand how still regardless of actual culpability our everyday behavior or persona prior to and after events can so influence the perception of culpabilityThis truly gives food for thought on the way we present ourselves to the world at large on a daily basisSo very many lives were permanently and tragically affected by the actions conscious or otherwise of one man on the 4th September 2005Father s Day When after an access visit and returning the children home to their mother in the light of early evening Robert Faruharson at the wheel of his old car and with his three children as passengers veered from his side of the road and travelled across the opposite side through a paddock and fence and plunged the car into a seven metres deep dam of murky dark water where he miraculously escaped moments later physically unscathed and without his children What happens next is just too incredible to contemplate and is just the beginning of a very long and unbelievable account of this man s reasoning and the eventual outcomeRegardless of the stated reasons those three children were let down in so many ways by so many circumstances which were totally outside of their own controlthey were innocent pawns always victims in a saga being played out involving so many supposed experts in their fields Who was looking out for their mental and physical welfare whilst their pathetic father sought out and received professional help from various sources for his trauma regarding the breakdown of his marriageas well as the loss of his precious and favoured carWho wasis responsible enough to deem someone like that mentally worthy of access to those innocent children Clearly not the professionals whose help he so availed himself of for an extremely lengthy periodand probably at a great monetary expenseOne thing is for certain his first agenda was NOT the welfare of his children it was always about himYet those three children were obliged by their very innocence to put their faith and trust in their father and all of the adults who had some say in their collective fateshowever minor directly or indirectlyThere are so many things wrong with the way that this story was played out by the accused his version of the events both before during and after There are so many things that weren t taken care of or considered beforehand in the natural responsibility of a parentparents in arranging the proper care of their children Children who have no competent part in decision making where their livelihood is concerned and who s every care is at the discretion or mercy of their caretakers real and imaginedIf this was a work of fiction I think it would be panned as being totally without credibility Too ridiculous to be considered plausible and yet as impossible as it is to believe here it is and three beautiful innocent children were as lambsWowI am so floored by this story I can t believe how no one saw any flags or how vulnerable those three children were to the possibility of harm or anguish from if nothing else exposure to the mental state of their father s dispositionWhat an inconceivably sad fate for those three children three innocent little boys who understood nothing of the workings of the minds of their keepers And what an incredibly sad fate for their loved ones also an incredibly sad chapter visited on the lives of all of the people involved in the long process of bringing justice and some ineffective sort of closure to this horror this devastatingly sad account of an apparent senseless selfish act of bitternessThey will have to live with it foreverespecially the juror s who s only connection was to be randomly selected for that long and emotionally taxing process they truly are brave peopleI hope I haven t overstated this review but this is a really affecting story45 sKudos to Helen Garner for her determination in following this case right to the end and portraying it so well hereMany thanks to NetGalley and the Publishers for my copy to read and review

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Anyone can see the place where the children died You take the Princes Highway past Geelong and keep going west in the direction of Colac Late in August 2006 soon after I had watched a magistrate commit Robert Faruharson to stand trial before a jury on three charges of murder I headed out that way on a Sunday morning across the great volcanic plain On the evening of 4 September 2005 Father's Day Robert Faruharson a separated husband was driving his three sons home to their mother Cindy when his car left the road and plunged into a dam The boys aged ten seven and two drowned Was this an act of revenge or a tragic. I wasn t even going to read this yet It was for later But once I picked it up that was thatThis is about a murder trial in which a father was accused of drowning his three children It was in Australia in 2005 His car left the road and drove straight into a dam and plunged down 30 feet The three kids in the car died the father survivedIn a case like this the whole thing turns on the state of mind of the father at that precise moment 7 pm 4th September 2005A whole sad parade of ordinary people become principal actors in the court drama One of the most appalling public ordeals I suppose that anyone now has to go through is cross examination You are postman a mechanic a farmer a window cleaner and because of where you were and what you saw at this one particular time you become the focus of the high beam intensity laser intelligence of a barrister who will try to tear you in pieces Here s how Helen Garner describes cross examination of a woman who had remembered something very damaging to the defense The whole point is to make the witness s story look shaky to pepper the jury with doubt So you get a grip on her basic observations and you chop away and chop away and sueeze and shout and pull her here and push her there you cast aspersions on her memory and her good faith and her intelligence till you make her hesitate or stumble She starts to feel self conscious then she gets an urge to add things and buttress and emphasise and maybe embroider because she knows what she saw and she wants to be believed but she s not allowed to tell it her way You re in charge All she can do is answer your uestions And then you slide away from the central thing she s come forward with and you try to catching her out with the peripheral stuff Did you see his chin then she starts to get rattled and you provoke her with a smart crack Are you sure it wasn t a football she tries to get back to the place she started from where she really does remember seeing something and knows what she saw but that place of certainty no longer exists because you ve destroyed itPowerful stuff There s probably human misery in this book than I can really recommend to the non true crime fan but if you can stand looking one single horrific act in the face for 300 pages Helen Garner is the most precise and compassionate guide

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    I wasn't even going to read this yet It was for later But once I picked it up that was thatThis is about a murder trial in which a father was accused of drowning his three children It was in Australia in 2005 His car left the road and drove straight into a dam and plunged down 30 feet The three kids in the car died the father survivedIn a case like this the whole thing turns on the state of mind of the father at that pre

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    I am not a big true crime reader but this one has been getting some good reviews As with anything concerning the deaths of young children this one was heartbreaking Would a father just to get back at his ex wife actually stage an accident to murder his children?Rating a book such as this one is hard What am I rating the uality of the case? Doesn't seem right somehow The only thing I can say is that this was clearly writ

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    There is nothing like sinking your teeth into a true crime Is thereBut in this case I honestly wish I were reading a crime of fiction then a real one because the reality of the events leading up and surrounding the death’s of three brave little boys is seriously beyond belief and outright distressing And the memory is still fresh in the minds of Australians and in particular Victorians who live and drive nearby the dam trying ge

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    ‘This House of Grief’ by Helen Garner is a truly sorrowful book as one might imagine from the title In 2005 on Father’s Day in Winchelsea Australia Robert Faruharson drove off the road into a dam He was able to exit the car saf

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    Disturbing Truth is often stranger than fiction Once there was a hard working bloke who lived in a small Victorian Country Town with his wife and their three young son's One day out of the blue his wife told him that she no longer w

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    In 2005 an event occurred that horrified all Australians Robert Faruharson estranged from his wife was returning his three young sons Jai Tyler and Bailey to their mother after an access visit on Father’s Day when his car swerved of

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    Fuckyeah this book My jury experience years ago got rid of any misty eyed romanticism about the democracy of the jury or court system it is clear that this system of ours is a highly imperfect compromise This book is about the courts And it is so well done Neither schmaltzy nor hard nosed Intelligent honest and important I want to h

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    Fabulous writer I’ll review this next week Can’t wait to see her in conversation at the end of the month What a book

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    This House of Grief by Helen GarnerThis story reads like a work of fiction incredibleit makes me reflect on the absolute fragility

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    This is an incredibly moving and well written account of a murder trial which I found utterly gripping On a September evening in 2005 Robert Faruaharson was driving his three sons – Jai Tyler and Bailey – back home to his estranged wife His wife Cindy had admitted that she no longer loved him and that she wanted him to move o