[PDF/EPUB] The Columbia Anthology of Traditional Korean Poetry author Peter H. Lee

SUMMARY The Columbia Anthology of Traditional Korean Poetry

This groundbreaking anthology edited by the veteran scholar who founded the field of Korean literature in the West offers a representative selection from the four major genres of native Korean poetry the Silla songs known as hyangga Koryo songs sijo and kasa The performance of oral songs was central to the religious l.


The Columbia Anthology of Traditional Korean Poetry

Songs Within each genre works are arranged chronologically so that the reader can trace artistic developments over time The translations many commissioned especially for this volume have been prepared by distinguished scholars and literary translators and are fully annotated making them ideal for use in the classroom.

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Ife of ancient Koreans and their passion for song and poetry is as evident in these texts today as it was to the earliest Chinese observers Therefore in addition to such classics as the Songs of Flying Dragons the great eulogy cycle compiled from 1445 to 1447 the volume also includes folk songs and shamanist narrative.

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    An anthology in translation of 134 poems by 112 known authors as well as a couple dozen anonymous The poems represent poets from the seventh to the nineteenth centuries and eight different styles or genres; there is also a selection of poetry originally written in Chinese by Korean poets The subjects include nature love religion and