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  • The Santangeli Marriage
  • Sara Craven
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  • 08 March 2017
  • 9781426835575

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    A second chance MOC romance that features the author's most hostile heroine paired with her most sensitive hero I felt bad for the hero at times; heroine even publicly humiliated him at their marriage ceremony Yi

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    If you want conflict here is conflictIf you want two people forced into a marriage they didn't want but were attracted to each other here it isIf you want miscommunication and a brutal first time Sara Craven deliversIf you want a hero who cheats out of spite this one is for youIf you want a bitchy heroine who goes out of her way to humiliate the hero during their wedding well cringe awayIf you like an infertility story

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    This was a fairly angsty book The hero did something that angered me but I was able to keep reading it The heroine didn't always act very mature herself But there are circumstances that made me want to keep reading and see them for flawed human beings It started when Marisa and Lorenzo's mothers were friends in boarding school They promised

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    Give this a total skip I can't get over how much crap she puts up with and then goes back to that piece of slime So what she can't hav

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    Sara Craven's The Santangeli Marriage has some of my most detested tropes both thematically adultery manwhore gets the virgin and style wise flashbacks dual POVs It is a testament to the author'skills as a story teller that this book did not make me want to throw up It was instead oddly compelling Though I did not connect with the

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    Another I'm a bit torn on rating 35 stars I supposeI've complained uite a bit about the sameness of many SC books and this one didn't follow the usual path No misguided vengeance for one thing although I do love vengeance stories There was the typical SC flashback style of storytelling and a heroine who is determined to lie still and think of England because she doesn't want to be vulnerable I really do get that in the vengeance stories b

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    2 12 stars A similar feel to the last Sara Craven I read His Wedding Night Heir At least in this one she has some reason to not be trustful of him when the marriage starts he really did have a mistress He gets his feelings hurt and treats her appallingly badly on their wedding night He then realizes that he has done a pret

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    “Besides what was there for you to explain—apart from the fact that you’re a serial womaniser who can’t keep his zip fastened?” That’s why I’ve hated H and why I didn’t believe him when he said “Because all the love that

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    Orphan Marisa was raised by the wealthy Santangeli family Their only demand is that she marry their sonItalian billionaire

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    OMG That was just awful I'm sorry but it was I wasn't sure heroine could be stupid or unbearable And so full of misconceptions I was really sorry for the hero The only reason I finished it was cause I couldn't bear to leave it hanging on me haunting I couldn't believe you could be such a hypocrite as heroine was or be so

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Sara Craven ✓ 8 READ

The Santangeli Marriage

Orphan Marisa was raised by the wealthy Santangeli family Their only demand was that she marry their sonItalian billionaire and renowned playboy Lorenzo Santangeli is expe. A second chance MOC romance that features the author s most hostile heroine paired with her most sensitive hero I felt bad for the hero at times heroine even publicly humiliated him at their marriage ceremony YikesWhich is saying a lot because most of her heroines armor themselves in that way but I still like themHeroine fell in love with hero as a teenager but was terrified he d discover her secret especially since he d already rejected her after she d tried seducing him when she was just 15 and after they were pressured into a marriage of convenience The affluent hero married heroine to comply with his deceased mother s wish Orphaned heroine married the hero to repay her moral and fiscal obligation back to her godmother hero s mother Additionally the resources she would acuire through the marriage would help to add comfort to her cousin s sickly husband s life The present timeline begins after a one year separation with heroine and hero living in different countries Heroine has never given their marriage a chance until hero finally forces a reunion Hero had previously tried to make the marriage work and had been attracted to the then nineteen year old heroine when he d come to propose If I recall correctly I think this is when hero fell in love with her tooHowever during the separation hero had an affair because he d been feeling hurt angry and disappointed after heroine had repeatedly rejected his overtures He did regret his mistake thankfully but could have expressed shame in that regret At the same time I still empathized with him as it helped tremendously to receive his point of view The story ends with heroine and hero reconciling but with no miracle baby as the heroine is infertile I normally don t need an epilogue but this book could have used one as the journey to the HEA had been pretty rough while the HEA itself felt realistic and bittersweet It s certainly possible to be happy without children but receiving some reassurance to let readers know they were doing fine would have been nice An angsty compelling romance which should be read with one s favorite treat or two to soften the emotional lows

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Cting to receive his money's worth from his innocent wife on their wedding night But Marisa flees how can she share a bed with the man who married her solely to produce an. Give this a total skip I can t get over how much crap she puts up with and then goes back to that piece of slime So what she can t have kids she is still a human and he should treat her better and be so forceful Another rich guy who can t keep it in his pants For once I wish the woman would cheat and he would have to deal with it Always the woman who forgives and forget Well she should have forgotten him and taken him for a total ride in court to expose him

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HeirLorenzo vows to bring his virgin bride home you do not say no to a Santangeli Once she's back she'll be his completely and he is determined to enjoy every minute of i. Besides what was there for you to explain apart from the fact that you re a serial womaniser who can t keep his zip fastened That s why I ve hated H and why I didn t believe him when he said Because all the love that I have is for you I see no one else hear no other voice want only you He was shagging a married woman while he was supposedly in love with hSara Craven was great writer and angst was good but unfortunately H was not redeemed There should be epic grovel Instead SC tried to convince the readers that like h and H s step motherish woman thought it was h s fault

About the Author: Sara Craven

Anne Bushell was born on October 1938 in South Devon England just before World War II and grew up in a house crammed with books She was always a voracious reader some of her all time favorites books are Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen Middlemarch by George Eliot Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell and The Code of the Woosters by P G Wodehous