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They say there's no place like home It's where the heart isMeet the little boy who believes in miraclesMeet the mother who loves to bring babies home from the newborn aisle of. This book is one I was sent for review from the publisher at my reuest but this does not affect my opinionsI ADORED this book My friend had recommended this to me before and I had seen it generally on other people s videos and recommendations list but I never knew what I was missing out on This is an incredibly emotional intense and deep look at family dynamics grief happiness loss personality disease mental health and so much The stories within this deal with a whole range of different topics and yet each is only a couple pages long The way Carys Bray manages to completely convey the raw emotions of a particular moment or scene is excellent and honestly I loved all but one of the stories within this collection the one I didn t was the shortest at only one page and I think that s why I didn t connect as muchThere are 17 stories within this book and of those I would give at least 11 a 5 rating and 5 of them a 4 rating with the one I didn t like getting a 2s and so overall this is a very very solid collection in my eyes Some of the stories which particularly resonated with me and had a great impact were Everything a Parent Needs to Know a story about just how difficult parenting can be and the various troubles you face day to dayJust in Case about a woman who lost a babyThe Rescue about a young boy who falls into a life of drug addiction and how this affects his familyWooden Mum about a family who have a child with special needsScaling Never about the loss of a family member and the after effects on a religious familyThe Baby Aisle about how easy it is to fall into family life whether you mean to or not and also a commentary on class dividesThe Countdown a story from the point of view of the man when a baby is involvedMy Burglar a story about a lady suffering from memory lossBed Rest a story about a mother with pre eclampsia and how her family handles thisLove terms and conditions a story about the ideas we put around our expectations and behaviours in order to feel loved and do so correctlyThe Ice Baby A story about a baby made from iceAs you can see the focus of this collection is certainly family and the various troubles conflicts and moments which may threaten or endanger or test a family unit I loved all of these stories and they all felt utterly genuine and beautifully written when I read them to the point that I just fell in love with this collection from after the first two storiesI would highly highly recommend that you check this collection out It s wonderful 5s

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Sweet Home

Is prize winning short story collection Carys Bray weaves together moments of joy heartache sadness and unwavering love as told through seventeen very different notions of home. In all honesty this felt like a 4 but I m giving it a 5 because I think I did the old put it on a pedestal and then when you finally read it it s not as good as you d hoped forward slash it s not you it s me trick Perhaps I savoured it too long and should ve read them in a week rather than a month Perhaps they will sink in over time I hope they do I hope these stories stay with me forever They are beautiful and eerily mesmerizing leaving you with a sweet chill hovering over your spine Some of my favourites were Just in Case Bed Rest The ice baby On the way home

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Her supermarketMeet the husband who carves a longed for baby out of ice as a gift for his wifeMeet the widow who is reminded of romance whilst standing at the kitchen sinkIn th. 25 stars interesting but not ground breaking

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    This book is one I was sent for review from the publisher at my reuest but this does not affect my opinionsI ADORED this book My friend had recommended this to me before and I had seen it generally on other people's videos

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    This is a wonderful short story collection It won Salt Publishing's Scott Prize and it really doesn't disappoint The stories will haunt you and trouble you; they'll also tug on your heart strings and make you tear up One of the stories The Rescue made me cry The theme of family runs through all of the tales; Carys writes about the things people don't talk about the hidden emotions of family life the things that

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    25 stars interesting but not ground breaking

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    This was such a good a collection A couple of stories weren't for me which I've come to expect in short story collections But the rest were fantastic Some just normal every day kind of stories and some were very strange indeed

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    Sweet Home is a collection of seventeen stories that talk about parenthood loss grief and vulnerability of adults The language is sparse yet punches you with unexpected twists and turns It is a mix of both realistic tales and well as stories wi

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    In all honesty this felt like a 4 but I'm giving it a 5 because I think I did the old 'put it on a pedestal and then when you finall

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    I ordered this after hearing Jen Campbell speak about it on her youtube channel I am so pleased that I did This is by far the best short story collection I have read all year I am very excited to read from Carys Bray and to re read this collection over and over again in the future So wonderful

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    Seeing that Carys has a new book coming soon prompted me to look up her others I’ve loved them all but this book of short stories is

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    Impressive collection of stories There were some that stood out than others but over all very enjoyable The only downside is the voices of the characters are not always age appropriate but the voice is beautiful so I didn't mind so much I think this will be an interesting book to read before and after having children