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Human communication processes from face to face conversation to mass media representations With a lively presentation author Jake Harwood presents central research findings while engaging students with important uestions concerning communication and agingKey Features Covers the broad area of communication and older adulthood The book examines key topics such as interpersonal and family relationships in old age media portrayals of aging cultural variations in intergenerational communication and health communication in old age Shatters the myths and stereotypes of aging The book's orientation and perspective is on healthy living and aging This anti ageist approach encourages readers to reexamine their views on aging and become fluent at defending and promoting an anti ageist ideology Provides concrete examples While taking a theoretical approach the book includes coverage of applied issues such as health communication and age related prejudice and discrimination.

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Understanding Communication and Aging Developing Knowledge and Awareness

This interesting easy to read book provides a comprehensive framework for considering communication and aging in the context of biology sociology and psychology This thought provoking book is strongly anti ageist It could serve as a broad overview for anyone interested in the myriad of issues related to communication and aging CHOICEUnderstanding Communication and Aging achieves a nice balance between the facts of growing old the social forces that shape that process and the communication factors that connect these two domains With attention to both research and everyday applications the text is thorough and inviting I am delighted that a user friendly undergraduate text has finally been produced in the field of communication and aging This book deserves to be an instant and sustained success Sandra Metts Illinois State University This book has so many strengths I am especially pleased with the communication focus and the discussions on cultural issues new tec.

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Hnologies and identities I am impressed by Dr Harwood's creativity and reaching out to learners via the use of info boxes significant achievement profiles literaryartistic descriptions selected detailed summaries of research and uotations about aging All of these features auger very well for student learning and enthusiasm I commend Dr Harwood for his attention to detail targeting multiple learning styles and attending to instructors who value these kinds of features Jim L uery Jr University of Houston The way Professor Harwood ties together theory research and everyday experience into a text that is accessible interesting and fun to read is impressive The focus is not merely psychological or interpersonal; the book spans multiple disciplines This text is the total package Jo Anna Grant California State University San BernardinoUnderstanding Communication and Aging is the most accessible introduction to the many ways aging in the 21st century is influenced by.