Trails Targets Dangerous Darlyns #1 { Summary } ☆ Kelly Eileen Hake

  • Paperback
  • 336
  • Trails Targets Dangerous Darlyns #1
  • Kelly Eileen Hake
  • en
  • 02 November 2017
  • 9781628367720

10 thoughts on “Trails Targets Dangerous Darlyns #1

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    About this book “A Darlyn in Distress Beatrix Darlyn holds her family together Plentiful prayers and unconventional interests enliven hard work on the family farm but talent with a trigger won’t pay her father’s debts For the sake of her three sisters Bea pushes her pride aside to take a leap of faith A Reluctant Rescuer Greyson Wilder can’t outrun the pain of his past—but he does his best to bury it A man who’s outliv

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    It was so hard to give this book only 3 stars If I could give it 35 instead I would Its sad to do this because I really like Kelly Eileen Hake books but this one just started out very slow for me and it felt like at the beginning was all over the place with the characters I was a bit lost trying to keep up with them That's mainly why I gave it the 3 stars At first I wasn't uite sure which the main character was Now that being said it did

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    These days Western romances just aren't my thing But I received this a while ago and thought I'd give it a chance I don't regret it but it wasn

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    Ok read I don't like books with heroines that are all so different from their conventional counterparts There certainly were those women in those days but I don't think as many of them as have been written about

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    Great for Christian girls

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    Book DescriptionHer Pa has always taught Beatrix Darlyn and her 3 sisters how to take care of themselveseven if the town disagrees with their masculine methods of doing so After her pa insists on making a spectacle of them all with their shooting knife throwing trick writing and arrows a rather unruly man just won't leave Bea alone When two m

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    Title Trails Targets Dangerous Darlyns #1Author Kelly Eileen HakePages 328Year 2014Publisher Shiloh Run PressGreyson Wilder is a bon

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    Trails Targets by Kelly Eileen HakeMy rating 5 of 5 starsThis is the first book I've read by Kelly Eileen Hake I hadn't heard of her before Barbour publishing asked me if I wanted to read a copy of Trails and Targets for my honest reviewI'm s

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    Trails Targets is book number one in the Dangerous Darlyns Series by Kelly Eileen Hake In this book we meet the Darlyn sisters who are like none you’ve ever seen before They live on a farm with their father and have each learned a special skill in addition to running the farm Beatrix is the oldest and plays the mother role well She loves taking care of her father and sisters and is a fierce protector of th

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    Trails Tangles Book 1 of the Dangerous Darlyns series by Kelly Eileen Hake Shiloh Run PressISBN 9781628367720Chr

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Trails Targets Dangerous Darlyns #1

Rpshooter named Beatrix hits the mark of his lonely heart Plagued by past failures and forced to make their own way find out what happens as the Dangerous Darlyns take to the road in Trails Targe. Trails Targets is book number one in the Dangerous Darlyns Series by Kelly Eileen Hake In this book we meet the Darl


Ls leave their childhood home and childhood itself behind Soon a unexpected hero finds himself saddled with the slew of sisters and their surprising skills But only one thing’s for sure the sha. Great for Christian girls

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After their father’s death the four Darlyn sisters discover the family farm is mortgaged to the hilt With an unscrupulous creditor proposing indecent solutions to their uncertain future the gir. About this book A Darlyn in Distress Beatrix Darlyn holds her family together Plentiful prayers and unconventiona

About the Author: Kelly Eileen Hake

Kelly Eileen Hake is a reader favorite of Barbour's Heartsong Presents series where she has released several books A credentialed Secondary English teacher in California she is pursing her MA in Writing Popular Fiction Known for her own style of witty heartwarming historical romance Kelly is currently writing the Prairie Promises trilogy her first full length novels She has been writing si