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The devastating truth about Zac and is determined to make amends but Zac crushed by her carelessness doesn't want to know and Olivia faces a gruelling uphill battle to win his respectand love

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To Hear You Smile

Disillusioned and dumped London girl Olivia Sinclair hides out in the English countryside unaware that handsome local stranger Zachary Jordan is a world class athlete Deeply attracted to his i

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Ntuitiveness and apparent sixth sense Olivia nevertheless shuns him when he scares her badly on a date and worse when she finds out he has stolen something precious from her Then she discovers

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    Zac was a wonderful guy that didn't let anything in his way to happiness He made this book worthOlivia on other had is too dumb first she didn't realise he's blind then she thinks he's married then she says he's gay then she says he has an affair with her mother in law How many idiotic assumptions will she make Too many in so short book

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    Things happened too fast particularly the ILYs and a lot of situations that added nothing to the story like a detail on her day breakfast walk lunch trip to town walk the dog go to bedI just didn't see them togethe

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