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H electronic screening systems and public and private job banks The Perfect Resume puts you ahead of the pack whether you are after your first job or a competitive senior slotLearn how today’s employment process has radically altered the way resumes are used and jobs are filledUnderstand how to start from the roots of your values needs and desires not simply published help wanted listings Assess your key strengths capabilities and.

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The Perfect Resume Today's Ultimate Job Search Tool

Experiences and focus them toward the situations you want most Choose formats and delivery methods that are best able to penetrate electronic and bureaucratic prescreening systems and get interviewsUse e mail and custom cover letters to spotlight your worthReview case histories showing how people with special needs adapted their resumes and letters to get heardDecide how to present yourself in a way that makes the most of your best.

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Tackle the tough employment market and land the job you want Today than ever it takes a powerful resume to open doors to the opportunities you seek Increasingly important as hiring systems change the right resume defines your objectives your talent and the uniue benefits you offer Done right it also gets this information into the hands of the right decision makersBased on new research into hiring and staffing methods executive searc.