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THIS IS THE MUCH AWAITED RIVETING SEUEL TO THE ORDER by JASON CRAWFORDThey are missing one of their ownContinuing the saga of Ken and Brad two of 11 men who have been gifted with great physical and mental abilities The Order 2 begins with The Enemy gaining.

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The Order 2

A lead and abducting KenWhile Brad and the other men try to locate Ken the latter wakes to find himself blindfolded with another man sucking his dick and making him cum many times over Caught in the throes of helpless forced pleasure Ken has no idea of what.

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Other sinister plans are meant for himIt's a race against time to find Ken and save him from the hands of evil Dr Cromwell before it's too late And Brad can only hope that Ken is able to withstand the tests he is subjected to long enough for them to find h.

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