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Janet Lovesmith í 9 Review

Istopher Gantry The mystery of beautiful volatile Lila The invisible creature that even now was stalking young Lyn She must find out if it wasn't already too la.

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The Lock A ueen Size Gothic

The lock was huge rusted ungainly It guarded the tomb that lay behind the old house the tomb of the ill fated Gantry clan Lyn Courtney who had come to work at G.

Characters The Lock A ueen Size Gothic

Antry Hill became fascinated haunted by that lock Her fears her hopes her fantasies centered around itCould it explain the puzzling behavior of good looking Chr.

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    When I was a girl I LOVED to stay at my Mamaw's house bc she had HUNDREDS of grown up paperback books that she would let me read Even then I loved to be scared and Mamaw's gothics were my favorites Mamaw was also my favorite which is why I carry these old things around These battered paperbacks are totally worthless falling apart even but just looking at the melodramatic scenes on the covers slim white woman flowing dark hair staring agha

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