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  • Kindle Edition
  • 376
  • The Damascus Chronicles
  • Dominic R. Daniels
  • English
  • 07 August 2019
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The Damascus Chronicles

The Damascus Chronicles Denizens of the Night continues the adventures of Michael Victor Damascus and his new bride Serena Bellemont as they honeymoon in Paris France The two vampires are enjoying their new life together after saving the city of Las Vegas from destruction Michael is getting used to his new life as a vampire and being a member of the Zoratus Coven The Coven is Serena's legacy and now Michael is a part of it One night they leave their luxurious hotel suite t.

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O go out and enjoy a night on the town and they encounter and kill a supernatural being that is a complete mystery to them This uncovers a nefarious plot by the Dark Society and when Michael and Serena try to uncover information about the presence of the demon they killed they go to the Cathedral of Notre Dame and encounter Dark Society agents There is a confrontation and Michael and Serena capture a Dark agent Under interrogation the agent reveals a plot by the Dark Socie.

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Ty to resurrect the devil in the form of Sagamu with a blood rite on a satanic holy day they call the Eve of Blood Michael Serena and the rest of the coven reunite in Paris as they proceed to take on the Dark Society in head on battle grand de force style in Rome Italy with the city lit up and ready to burn the Day of Darkness has arrived A lost forbidden history is discovered filled with Angels Demons and Ceremonial Magicians in a crimson bath of bloodshed and black magic.