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SchweitzerSympathy for Vampires by John Gregory BetancourtThe Fourth Horseman by Peter DarbyshireCravat of the Damned by Zach BartlettHelp Wanted by Michael McCarty and Terrie Leigh RelfSiren Song by Chelsea uinn YarbroAn Authenticated Vampire Story by Franz HartmannDracula's New Dress by Ray CluleyFour Wooden Stakes by Victor Rowa. Awesome

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The Vampire Megapack

The Vampire Megapack collection 27 tales of vampires The complete contents areThe Bats by David AndersonDracula's Guest by Bram StokerThe Room in the Tower by E F Benson Mrs Amworth by E F BensonClarimonde by Theophile GautierThe Secret of Kralitz by Henry KuttnerLost Epiphany by Chelsea uinn YarbroWeeping Willow by T A BradleyThe G. Enjoyable stories a nice mixture of classics and newer material

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Reater Thirst by Marilyn Mattie BrahenWaiting for the Hunger by Nina Kiriki HoffmanKvetchula by Darrell SchweitzerA Vampire by Luigi CapuanaOmega by Jason AndrewAccommodation by Michael R CollingsThe Art of the Smile by John Gregory BetancourtRenfield's Syndrome by Chelsea uinn YarbroThe Pimp by Lawrence Watt EvansRunaway by Darrell. Scared the crap outta me

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    Enjoyable stories; a nice mixture of classics and newer material

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    Mrs Amworth • 1922 • shortstory by E F BensonLost Epiphany by Chelsea uinn YarbroWeeping Willow • 2009 • novelette by T A BradleyThe Gre

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    Superb anthology of old and new

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    A fun read Well selected

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    Nice collection

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    Scared the crap outta me

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    Good stories

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    Fun read and uality too

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    Cheap but uality stories