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10 thoughts on “The Tycoons Secret Baby for the Billionaire #4

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    So I've been lacking on my reviews and have three to catch up on so they may all be short and sweet today I started reading this series a while back and then got distracted and forgot to go back and finish it When

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    The Tycoons Secret by Melody AnneDOES HE LOVER HER ENOUGH?Damien SierraOh my goodness oh my goodness This is the best one yet out of the Baby for the Billionaire series I wept I laughed I got pissed and finally I got happy If you hav

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    This is my least favorite of the Tycoon's Baby for the Billionaire series Once again as in book three the hero is very heavy handed and a real jerk and there were multiple times I felt he crossed the line into physical mental and sexual abuse but at the last minute she always gave in He easily turned into a monster many times and he was frightening He is undeserving of the heroine and after all she has been through I thought she deserved

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    1 ⭐ Ugh Didn't like it or triggers or pet peeveShe was mean always verbally and physically abusive but she was his momIt was their fault – all of it His mom could’ve been a good mother if only they hadn’t ruined her“I’m Trinity Thanks for saving me” she said before she passed out in his armsFrom that day on h

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    This book was good it has brutal content in it what's made my stomach go all the weird

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    I was so shocked that I saw this and had to get it right away OMG I loved Damien in Trinity and Drew's story I kept hoping and dreamin

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    The book had too many loose ends for me For example we didn't find out that Damian had a sister until late in the book if he's a billionaire why didn't he look for her? In addition I wanted to know what happened to Sierra's

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    DUMB DUMB AND DUMBER OMG What was I thinking to buy this idiotic story? I am RETURNING IT FOR MY MONEY BACK What a Waste of my timeMelody Anne Australia is not and Island its a Continent How dumb are you? Have you heard of DNA? the herione Sierra Monroe's father David Monroe brst the crap out her for 13 years turns her into a sla

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    Have read most of this billionaire series And up to this point have enjoyed These silly enjoyable books who wouldn't want to be a part of Joseph George and Richard's families? They are easy uick sexy fun reads desp

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    I loved it Definitely my favorite But there are some parts that I find pretty strange I mean Demian's so full thirst for revenge but at some point his intention is forgotten and he's focusing on Sierra It's romantic sure but I kind of want him focus and not jump to one scene to another And not to mention the closure wit

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The Tycoons Secret Baby for the Billionaire #4

Lly her father does a business deal with Damien Whitfield selling Sierra to the highest bidderDamien and Sierra may both be running from old demon’s and forging ahead to what they think are their perfect futures but fate has a way of changing everything Take the journey with Damien and Sierra as they fight a passion that won’t be deni. Have read most of this billionaire series And up to this point have enjoyed These silly enjoyable books who wouldn t want to be a part of Joseph George and Richard s families They are easy uick sexy fun reads despite the occasional slip ups such as age inconsistencies typos which even I can forgive and that s saying something pretty huge and shows I do not take these books too seriously as I hate bad spelling such as recurring use of you re instead of your conscious instead of conscience etc But then I read The Tycoon s Secret Big big issues1 Major character inaccuracy In Hidden Treasure Brielle Storm s story it is mentioned several times that she NEVER graduated from Brown University and had NO real friends getting involved in the wrong crowd Yet in this book Sierra and Brielle are very best of friends and graduated together 2 And then I was so totally incensed infuriated and beyond coherent words to such an extent that I am seriously thinking of deleting all of this woman s books from my iPad when I read that when the two main protagonists are in Australia Sierra says she wants to drive around the island Australia s land area is almost 77 million suare kilometres the USA almost 10 million suare kilometres Australia is a continent Referring to this amazing diverse and exciting country as an island is a gross insult How would Americans like it if their country was referrers to as a stateI Drive around the island Really Such arrogance Such unforgivable ignorance I very much suggest the author makes note of character relationships and backgrounds And most importantly learns that the world consists of so much than USA Even penny dreadfuls need some attempt at authenticity to justify people spending their hard earned cash Unbelievable


Damien Whitfield lost his father when he was an infant and then lost his mother when he was a young teenager The only thing his mother left him was a thirst for vengeance On her deathbed she made him promise to seek revenge for those she held responsible for her deathDamien grows up fast and conuers the business world going from a homeles. So I ve been lacking on my reviews and have three to catch up on so they may all be short and sweet today I started reading this series a while back and then got distracted and forgot to go back and finish it When I was going through my list recently I saw the next one and made it my mission to go ahead and finish it out With that being said with the ending of this one I m really curious about the Anderson families series now too HAHA see I m getting distracted now about this book I liked this book but I can t say that I loved it It seemed like it was an up and down hill ride for me In the beginning I was very intrigued Sierra s dad has been abusing her for her entire life She s basically broken and has given up for the most part to expecting an outside life Everything she s ever had he s taken away including a boyfriend which he allowed his other daughter to turn around and marry He kept her from having anything but in turn gave her sister everything and never abused the sister He took out all of his anger with the girls mother on her Her father makes a deal with Damien selling her to him for the cover of it looking like a job but when Damien makes it look like it could be for a mistress her father acts like he doesn t care At this point I was hanging on every word just waiting to see what would happen next There was so much sexual frustration between the two I was begging for the deed to finally happen but here s where everything took its first plunge for me It took forever for the two to even have a conversation much less do the deed So I got a little bored and almost skipped some pages but was too afraid I would miss something SO without giving away spoilers away the two end up doing the deed and having an awesome week together For me it picked up again here but was sorta rushed I wanted to see them fall for each other and get that lovey feeling in my heart so that when the whole thing falls apart like it does in most books I feel it ya know I didn t and for me that was another low in the book but when he came back to talk to her and they finally cleared the air about all that was happening I was hooked again However disappointed with some of it Damien s life long mission was revenge Sierra had started out being a way to get to who he wanted to get his revenge on When she found out about all of this instead of being hurt or damn traumatized like I would have been she just feel back in bed with him I mean come on he spilled all of his terrible secrets on her and even accused her of being a spoiled brat and she jumps his bones I m sorry what I can t tell much because I would be letting some spoilers out I feel but it mostly was just an up and down read for me To me some things that should have had a big conversation never got recognition like him buying her from her dad it got one sentence saying that he had told her everything and she was freaked out by it at first but then was okay with it ummm I thought that was really important and as the reader we should have been allowed on that conversation lol Also in the end it never told what happened to her dad I don t know just maybe I m picking it a part and I m not one to do that by far but there were just a lot I wanted from the book Damien had his sexy moments and then he had his less than stellar ones too I can t say that I loved every decision Sierra made either but this was her first time living out from under anyone s command and was loving making her own decisions even if they were wrong IMO which I know doesn t amount to much but I think the story had real potential really It just wasn t all it could be to me I don t want to turn anyone away from reading this book or series because they really are good storylines and Derek and Drew s stories are definitely worth the read The first and second books in the series Maybe the last two just needed some editing shrugs

REVIEW The Tycoons Secret Baby for the Billionaire #4

S boy to a billionaire bachelor He has no time for love in his uest for writing wrongs of the past What he doesn’t know is that love isn’t something he can hide fromSierra grew up with a monster of a father after losing her mother at the tender age of six Her dad punishes her for sins he assumes his deceased wife made against him Fina. This book was good it has brutal content in it what s made my stomach go all the weird

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