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    An open letter to everyone who thinks journalists are enemies of the peopleYou often hear these days that journalists are generically enemies of the people Anna Politkovskaya was a journalist so I guess that made her specifically an enemy of the people But let's try and be precise No one can really be an enemy of all the

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    Dated Very dated The discussion about army though not only Russian army should have been mentioned but the whole post Soviet block and

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    Yet another example of how Anna Politkovskaya was a courageous representative of truth on this damaged and confused planet She sheds light on the misery and harm induced by the flagrant abuse and elected ignorance

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    Anna Politkovskaya was murdered via contract killer on Putin's birthday 2006Translated from the Russian by Arch TaitOpening The Arm

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    I've signally failed here I read maybe 30 pages of this to find that it is so horrifying I can't stand to continue And then again I've failed with Winter is Coming by Garry Kasparov because his style makes me distrust eve

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    Ms Politkovskaya exposes several layers of corruption and malfeasance in Putin’s Russia She takes us through the disastrous war in Chechnya where Russian soldiers are underpaid or not paid at all This would seem to be endemic to the Russian army where during the Afghanistan war the same corruption happened – actual weapons were sold to t

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    Politkovskaya's bleak outlook can be a bit hard to take in large doses I picked up this book to re read in light of the current situation in Ukraine Putin's Russia is one that is unseen and virtually unfathomable t

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    I have to admit I don't care overly much for Anna Politkovskaya's writing style An objective reporter she is not or rather w

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    07 Oct 2006 and the author Anna Politkovskaya is murdered in the elevator of the block of flats where she lived This book is from 2004 At that time the West appeared to have a different view of Putin than we do now Politkovskaya wants to tell the truth about him She goes over the way that Russian soldiers are treated Put

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    Vignettes many beautifully written about the grim realty Putin's Russia Politkovskaya herself was murdered 2006 shot in her elevator by a professional hitmanhttpsenmwikipediaorgwikiAnna

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Putin's Russia

A former KGB spy Vladimir Putin is one of the world’s most enigmatic figures This is his RussiaInternationally admired for her fearless reporting award winning journalist Anna Politkovskaya turns her steely gaze on President Putin and his early regime in this explosive bookFrom Putin’s tyrannical grip on ordinary citizens to rampant corruption in highest ranks of the government. An open letter to everyone who thinks journalists are enemies of the peopleYou often hear these days that journalists are generically enemies of the people Anna Politkovskaya was a journalist so I guess that made her specifically an enemy of the people But let s try and be precise No one can really be an enemy of all the people people have such different agendas that you re almost certain to end up being on somebody s side In practice you re going to be an enemy of one part of the people and a friend of another part of the people and then there will most likely be a third part that doesn t much care one way or the other So looking at this book of which part of the people was Politkovskaya an enemyPolitkovskaya is mostly writing about the Russia of the early 21st century during the first four years of Putin s reign and she certainly seems to be taking sides If you happened to be one of the people who according to her account got extremely rich by bribing judges to rule that your takeovers of former state owned companies were not fraudulent and that your subseuent asset stripping of those companies was fully legal I m pretty sure you d consider her your enemy She names names and provides a lot of details And it s not just the oligarchs Many of the judges who are claimed to have been paid off would no doubt also have considered her their enemy I am not so certain about the people who had worked at the companies that got sold and asset stripped and then found they had no job They wouldn t necessarily think she was their enemy In fact they might even think she was their friend But I guess they re less important they were just losersPerhaps this was the Politkovskaya s big problem that she liked losers She seems to have spent a lot of time talking with members of the Russian armed forces I m sure that Colonel Budanov who was convicted of abducting and murdering a young Chechen girl after a lengthy series of trials considered Politkovskaya his enemy And I would imagine that the many senior Russian military officers politicians and psychiatrists who tried to defend Budanov also considered her their enemy The Chechen family whose daughter was kidnapped raped and strangled may have thought she was their friend but they were obviously losers And as for her description of the special forces veteran who had carried out dozens of insanely dangerous missions been wounded multiple times but then got on the wrong side of his commanding officer when he snapped one day and called him a coward who d just sat behind a desk while he d been out risking his life well I think the commanding office who is described in a most unflattering light must also have decided Politkovskaya was his enemy The special forces guy may have liked her another loser If he d had any sense he d obviously have put his skills at the service of the Russian Mob who are very happy to recruit that kind of person and pay well He seems to have been burdened with a ludicrously sensitive conscience Politkovskaya was certainly an enemy of the people who decided to end the Nord Ost theater siege by gassing the entire audience resulting in over two hundred civilian casualties She insisted on following up the story in uite unnecessary detail for example suggesting that many lives might have been saved if only the authorities had made preparations to have adeuate medical care available The judge who presided over the according to her description cursory and insulting inuest must also have thought she was an enemy It s possible that some of the victims families considered her a friend For example the wife of the young musician with the Chechen name whose husband apparently received no medical attention at all and was left to asphyxiate I need hardly point out that Chechens are Muslims and as such are automatically losers Whose side are you onLast but not least I rather think Vladimir Putin considered Politkovskaya an enemy She says some very unflattering things about him and as usual backs them up with annoying facts If you re a friend or admirer of Putin you may be relieved to hear that this enemy of the people was killed in a professional looking hit on October 7 2006 Some misguided citizens say they re sorry she s no longer with us But you know losers

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Oday’s political landscape Putin's Russia is both a gripping portrayal of a country in crisis and the testament of an extraordinary reporter‘A searing portrait of a country in disarray and of the man at its helm from the bravest of journalists’ New York Times‘Anna Politkovskaya is a heroic journalist’ Guardian ‘We will continue to learn from her for years’ Salman Rushd. I have to admit I don t care overly much for Anna Politkovskaya s writing style An objective reporter she is not or rather was not she was murdered a few years after publishing this book her indignation at the social ills she exposes comes across loud and clear and she freuently goes so far as to tell her reader to share her indignation occasionally to the point of being rather insistent Personally I would have appreciated a slightly objective less cynical approach That said there is no denying that Politkovskaya had good cause to be indignant and her writing succeeds in making the reader share that indignation or rather pessimism It s hard to remain optimistic about Russia s future after reading this book The present doesn t seem to offer much scope for hopeIn Putin s Russia Politkovskaya describes in seven chapters what has happened since Vladimir Putin assumed power in the Kremlin She starts out by charting abuses in the army specifically in parts of the army stationed in Chechnya This turns into a lengthy and fairly shocking expose of corruption in Russia s legal system where high ranking army officers are exonerated from terrible crimes and where the rich and well connected get away with absolutely outrageous business practices She then describes poverty in the navy apparently the commanders working on the world s most expensive submarines are nearly starving to death the terrible position of Chechen citizens in Russia and the aftermath of the Nord Ost and Beslan disasters It all adds up to a rather dreary conclusion Putin s Russia is an utterly callous and corrupt place which in many regards seems to be regressing into Soviet style politics and situations In fact some things now seem to be worse than they were during the worst years of the Soviet era I already knew that from the news but reading Politkovskaya s stories really drove the fact home for meAs I said I don t care much for Politkovskaya s writing style but there s no doubt that she has come up with a convincing well researched document here She uotes many interesting people from all walks of life has unearthed many legal documents to illustrate her stories and comes up with some wry observations about why certain changes for the better took place at a certain time usually coinciding with the visit of some foreign dignitary Putin wished to impress and about the Russian national character in general It s a bit heavy going at times and some of the army stuff drags but even so it s a powerful indictment of Putin s Russia always shocking and occasionally uite mind boggling


As well as Mafia dealings scandals in the provinces and the decline of the intelligentsia Politkovskaya offers a scathing condemnation of the President and his rule revealing a shocking state of affairs soldiers dying from malnutrition parents reuiring to bribes to recover their dead sons' bodies and conscripts are being hired out as slaves More relevant and important than ever in t. I ve signally failed here I read maybe 30 pages of this to find that it is so horrifying I can t stand to continue And then again I ve failed with Winter is Coming by Garry Kasparov because his style makes me distrust everything he saysI m moving on from bothI spent a lot of time with my Russian friend Genia before she died talking about Russia Both being historians we seemed to think in similar ways and we found allies in each otherMay the world produce two or one hundred Politkovskayas for each one that is murdered If she has inspired others to carry on her work then her life and death have not been in vain We should all pray that is so

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  • Putin's Russia
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  • 17 November 2019
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About the Author: Anna Politkovskaya

Russian journalist and human rights activist well known for her opposition to the Chechen conflict and Russian president PutinPolitkovskaya made her name reporting from lawless Chechnya where many journalists and humanitarian workers have been kidnapped or killed She was arrested and subjected to mock execution by Russian military forces there and she was poisoned on the way to Beslan but sur