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Characters Where Does God Live?

God's all there is and all that you seeBut I still don't see God so how can it be Where does God live How can we see God Using simple ev.

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Where Does God Live?

Ere Does God Live playfully guides children down their own path of spiritual discoveryand reminds us all that this world is full of wond.

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Eryday examples that children can relate to this colorful book helps young readers develop a direct and personal understanding of God Wh.

3 thoughts on “Where Does God Live?

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    Thanks for the recommendation Susan I really liked this and will be reading this to Oscar this weekend although I think I will replace God with Goddess as I'm comfortable with that language I really like the message that the Divine is in everything I may have to buy this one I currently have it checked out from

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    Absolutely wonderful for UU parents A picture book w a wonderful message aimed at 3 6 year olds

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    A beautiful book to share belief in God with the young and old