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10 thoughts on “Blood Bound

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    You should be aware that this review is only of the first 200 pages approximately because I didn't manage to get any further

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    It feels like you’ve been waiting in line forever There it stands before you the craziest rollercoster ride you’ve ever seen You uickly climb into the seat and make sure your strapped in tightly just waiting for that sudden take off and off you go you can’t seem to take a breathe as your mind is twisted screaming out your lu

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    Really cool 45 starsFinally a paranormal book without a single vampire were or other paranormal creature Yes it can be done I loved

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    Definitely not as good as the Shifters series which is in my top 5 series of all time This book the first in a trilogy took me 3 months to read

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    Occasionally I trade books with a friend and we force each other to read things we believe the other person will like but wouldn't give a chance on her own I gave my friend A Monster Calls on top of a stack of books in line with her standard tastes She gave me Blood Bound and a whole list of rehearsed reasons one of which actually

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    YES I’m done I can’t believe how difficult it was for me to finish this Looking at all the good reviews this book has made me wonder why on earth I didn’t like it Since I don’t want to be unfair or moody or God knows what

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    4 starsWow What an emotional adrenalin rush and exhausting read this book turned out to be Blood Bound is a fast paced well written creative action packed emotional and highly engrossing book I had a hard time putting it down I'm not going to recap the story's plot since the synopsis of the book does a decent job; however I will tell you what worked and didn't work for me What I loved about Blood Bound was the para

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    1st Read August 20112nd Read December 2017I'm a massive fan of Rachel Vincent's Shifters series so I couldn't wait

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    Cedo nulli I yield to no oneFor the past few months I've been feeling rather down because of my apathy regarding nearly all of the books I've read recently I simply couldn't bring myself to care for or feel the characters At first I blamed myself and tried extremely hard to lose myself in a book When that didn't work I b

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    That ending That ending just killed me “I realized that I'd rather die with you than live with someone else” I am seriously impressed with the world building and how much well written action this book contained It was fast paced and just plain fun to read Sometimes the urban paranormal genre gets bogged down in explaining every little detail of the new world and it is either boring or confusing but this was fairly ea

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Blood Bound

Y tells that she and Cam will be the death of each other yet Liv's tired of being a slave to destiny She's ready to play the forces controlling her world at their own game No matter what the cost 1st Read August 20112nd Read December 2017I m a massive fan of Rachel Vincent s Shifters series so I couldn t wait to get my hands on Blood Bound and as soon as it arrived it jumped immediately to the top of my to read pile The world she has created in this new series couldn t be different from the Shifters books the story is much darker but it has everything you would expect from this author strong characters plenty of action and twists that will knock you sideways Blood Bound is a must for any urban fantasy fan and this has the potential to become one of my favourite series my only disappointment is that I ll have to wait a year before I can get my hands on the next bookThe world may have known about the Skilled for 30 years but governments and the law still refuse to publicly acknowledge they exist which has created a black market for anyone with enough money who wants to use their abilities Some of the Skilled have the ability to track anyone by either a name or a tiny sample of their blood some of them can travel through shadows to any destination and others have the ability to bind you to a magical contract that will cause you physical pain and even death if you try to break it As you can imagine these skills are highly sought after and 2 main crime syndicates will do whatever it takes to have control of the most powerful Skilled and earn money by using them Liv is one of the most powerful blood trackers going on her official range she can track anyone in an 80 mile radius using just a drop of their blood but in reality she can find you even if you are much further away Liv has been running from her past for 6 years now but it is about to catch up with her when her ex Cam arrives on the scene bringing with him one of her oldest childhood friends Thanks to a blood oath between Liv and her friends she is unable to refuse Anne s reuest for help even if getting involved is the last thing she wants to do Liv resents her friend for forcing her into something but as much as she hates the position she finds herself in she does feel sorry for Anne and deep down she wants to help her What she really doesn t want is to accept Cam s help to do it although Cam is the love of her life she walked out on him 6 years ago without giving him any kind of explanation and Cam is determined to win her back That is something that Liv can t risk but it takes a while before the reason for this becomes clearThe story is told from both Liv and Cam s perspectives and I loved that we get to see both of their sides of the story Liv is a strong character but she also has a vulnerability to her that makes you feel protective of her She is keeping a lot of secrets but as you learn about her past her actions become much understandable Cam is someone I loved as soon as I met him he is so sweet and protective of Liv but he sees her how she truly is and knows she doesn t need to be looked after He has never gotten over her leaving him and is still crazy about her he can tell she has feelings for him too and doesn t understand why she keeps pushing him away He uses her bond with Anne as a way to get back in her life and isn t going to let her get away from him this time he wants an explanation and will do whatever it takes to get it The chemistry between Liv and Cam was fantastic and I loved watching these two together There is just enough sexual tension and romance for an urban fantasy it never takes over the main storyline though just enhances itWhen it comes to the plot I have to admit I found things a little confusing for the first few chapters but this is often the case when you re starting a new series and trying to become familiar with a new world Once the story takes off it will have you gripped to the pages and you won t want to put it down Liv and Cam find themselves caught between the two main crime syndicates and there isn t going to be an easy way for them to resolve things While they care for each other they both have big secrets and if they are revealed it will change everything Can they find a way to help Anne and a way to be together again or are they destined to be pulled in different directions You ll have to pick up a copy of Blood Bound to find out in the meantime I ll be sitting here desperately waiting for Shadow Bound

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Bound by blood condemned by fateAs a bloodtracker Liv is extremely powerful And in a world where power is a commodity that can get you killed Liv's learnt to survive by her own rulesRule number o Really cool 45 starsFinally a paranormal book without a single vampire were or other paranormal creature Yes it can be done I loved the concept of this bookBlood Bound has a rich and extensive world This is a world where a single drop of blood holds the power to expose one s whereabouts and where a full name allows a person to be tracked In Blood Bound people with specialized Skills are highly sought after commodities Many different Skills exist Trackers Binders Seers Readers Travelers Blinders Jammers etc Some Skills are desired than othersThe crime syndicates stepped in collecting people with these Skills Most Skilled people are affiliated either with Ruben Cavazos or Jake Towers syndicate These syndicates play dirty and their recruiting methods are cruel but effective The Skilled often find themselves bound to years of service to these syndicates They are bound with tattoos that signify their rank and length of service These bindings ensure that no one disobeys direct orders A clever Skilled person always finds the loopholes in their binding and uickly learns how to be creative I loved the main characters Liv and Cam Both are Trackers and they have a history together even though they had been apart for a while They are very much attracted to each other but they find themselves in opposing syndicates Cam was wonderful I loved how devoted he was to Liv Liv was such a contrast to Faythe in the Shifters series Liv behaves like a mature young woman carefully weighing all of her options She is smart resourceful and stands up for herself against Cavazos abuse While there is a romance between the main characters I did not find it first and foremost to the plot Yes I was rooting for the main characters Who doesn t love sexy times The focus of this story was not the romance but finding the missing child The secondary characters were interesting Ruben Cavazos made a ruthless crime lord but by the end of the book I was uite impressed with his character Michaela was Ruben s unbalanced and vindictive wife uite scary Liv s friend Anne was a Reader a human lie detector while her other friend Kori was a Traveler a person able to travel from one place to another through shadows The book is written in first person point of view I did find the change in point of view a little confusing at first but I did enjoy the book I was surprised to learn that the book only spanned a few days It is jammed packed with action flashbacks and information I really could not put the book down This is a great start to the Unbound series and I highly recommend it The next book in the series is Shadow Bound Can t wait to get my hands on that bookReview posted at Badass Book Reviews Check it out

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Ne Trust no oneBut when a friend's daughter goes missing Liv is bound by a potent magical oath She can't rest until the child is safeAnd that means trusting her dangerous ex CamA sinister prophec Definitely not as good as the Shifters series which is in my top 5 series of all time This book the first in a trilogy took me 3 months to read There were times when I read it so very uickly and then I d put it down for three weeks But I finally pushed through it It s told in dual perspective but I also felt like the voices weren t very different I was often confused at which perspective we were in However I did really love this urban fantasy it was super uniue and very original though I felt there were sketchy loopholes with these powers some of the characters possessed I m continuing with the trilogy and I m hoping it ll get better with each book

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