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On the way a daring robbery takes place sacred treasures have been stolen from Mohenjo Daro's temple including the famous dancing girl statue and immediately they are caught up in its coils In the city they meet young Amu Darya from faraway Mesopotamia a world utterly dif. Remember the Indus Valley Civilisation chapter that you read in your History Text book It was one of the most interesting piece in ancient history even Mughal era was interesting before we jumped into zillion land and political reforms of British era I think I loved ancient history because it did not have too many dates and we also a lot of it was based on Raja Rani and ancient fables Strangely I imagined myself as a decedent of Chandra Gupta Maurya when we were reading about Maurya dynasty This book is for children between 8 to 13 years old The entire story is based on the civilisation around Indus with fiction and history meshed in The bronze statue of dancing girl the terracotta images of Pashupati public bath area modern town planning and various other references would help children to familiarise them and learn history on the way It also has a group of friends on an adventure meeting new people and learning new things with a lot of moral lessons thrown in So I would suggest you gift it to your young cousins or nephews and nieces They will surely enjoy it As for me I have definitely grown up and enjoyed it only because it reminded me of this TV serial which I used to see as a child Stone Boy Not much similarity between the two except the target children age group but when a book can remind you of a sweet memory of your childhood you can t help but give it the due credit

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E fearless fivesome succeed in upholding the honour of Mohenjo daro An amazing tale full of white parrots elephant rides river caravans and secret maps The Adventure of the Missing Dancing Girl is a glorious adventure story set in the time of the Indus Valley civilisation. It was after a long time that I read a book in one sitting and was sorry when I turned the last pageThough Sunila Gupte s The Adventure of the Missing Dancing Girl is supposedly a book for children I was just as captivated by this delightful story that transported me to Meluha Bharat in 2500 BC as I revisited the towns of Lothal and MohenjodaroReplete with adventure suspense and fun the author takes you on a roller coaster chase along with four spirited children and their friend from Mesopotamia to retrieve the famous dancing girl statue that has gone missing They are out on a fun trip to the famous Surya Mela in Lothal and accidentally and unexpectedly stumble upon some strange and dangerous events Loved every moment of the exciting and fun filled escapades of this courageous and charming group of children A very refreshing and gripping read Thank you for writing this wonderful story

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Ferent from theirs who is looking for his missing father last seen in this part of the Indus Valley When Amu warns them of the grave danger they're in the five become fast friends But soon they are entangled in forces much darker than they could ever have expected Will th. I have always thought that we focus too much on our mythology to write current Indian fiction while our incredibly rich history gets left out in the cold This is a shameful waste of a valuable resource by Indian authors and I was therefore excited to hear there was a children s book based in the heyday of the Indus Valley civilization I love the idea of writing a story of a long forgotten time in the past but shy away from the incredible amount of research it would entail This is why I especially admire writers in this genreThe Adventure of the Missing Dancing Girl is a children s book for readers in the 8 to 10 range I m guessing It is written in simple and clear language There are five protagonists all children four hailing from an Indian village and another who is a stowaway from Mesopotamia They all meet at a huge fair which is so famous that people travel from all over India as it was then to buy and sell there When many people converge there is bound to be adventure and that is precisely what happens There is much talk about an audacious temple robbery that has occurred in Mohenjo Daro and very soon the children who are separated from their guardians in a series of unavoidable incidents are swept up in the mystery and use their respective talents in some cases hitherto unknown and considerable pluck and resourcefulness to find a resolutionSaying too much might give away the story so enough said What I truly admired about the book was the great attention to detail the research that went into providing such detail and the way the author has lovingly fleshed out her five young characters with different ualities and temperamentsThere are elephants adorable puppies mischievous monkeys and descriptions of food clothes and places A fun read for the young uns

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    It was after a long time that I read a book in one sitting and was sorry when I turned the last pageThough Sunila Gupte's The Adventure of the Missing Dancing Girl is supposedly a book for children I was just as c

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