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10 thoughts on “Tadpoles Promise

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    I loved this book. I found it in the library and read it to my (then) four year old. I was so surprised by the ending I spent a good ten minute

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    The book was beautifully written and the illustrations were excellent. However I found the subject matter disturbing as it

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    Possibly my favourite picture book ever. Up there with Anthony Browne's best. There is a superb twist at the end of this story, which, if your kids have not heard of this book, will get them gasping with incredulity. Very amusing but with a strong moral tale and very debatable angle that we are all dominated by

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    Great story. Educational and amusing too. I've planned a lesson around this. Reading and discussion. Some PDL questions about change and the morality of the ending, then we'll make stop motion animations about life cycles

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    Lovely pictures and a good repetition rhythm to the story. However, spoiler alert, the ending is brutal. I would read with caution and

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    A great story with a terrible twist. Can’t wait to share this at school

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    I have read this book many times with children ranging in age from 4 to 11, and unlike other reviewers, I have not

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    Loooove this story ! Was part of the English lesson while lock down !!
    I enjoyed it as much as my twins !

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    easy to read, nice low reading level for young kids, entertaining enough before bedtimes

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    The idea behind the story is a great one but read it yourself first before sharing with children.

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Jeanne Willis Ñ 1 SUMMARY

Tadpoles Promise

The award winning unpredictable picture book from this best selling authorartist team is now available for the first time in paperback Tadpole loves his rainbow friend the caterpillar and she tells him she l. I loved this book I found it in the library and read it to my then four year old I was so surprised by the ending I spent a good ten minutes laughing hard about the refreshing ridiculousness of the whole thing It has stayed with me since then six years at the time of writing and I have often thought about it and chuckled at the brutal ending I am now purchasing it to read with my three year old twinsThere are no rules to say what a picture book should be So many are a namby pamby flaccid excuse for entertainment with no backbone or storyline at all these days just look at Peppa Pig Remember the original Grimm s fairy tales Wolves having people cut out of them horrific treatment of Cinderella an evil step mother sending a huntsman to kill Snow White and then poisoning her with an apple Even The Little Mermaid She doesn t get the guy and turns into sea foam All this after she endures the pain of her tail turning to legs Disney has a lot to answer forHaving come to write this review in defence of the book as so many seem to think it s unsuitable for kids I see nothing wrong with this story for kids AT ALL I ve sat and evaluated the ending at the deeper level and have realised it provides a solid platform for discussing how the only constant in life is change people will change over time depending on their circumstances and own specific life experiences how they may not always be who they appear to be especially online and to take care when choosing who to trust especially with your heartWell done Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross


Oves everything about him Promise that you will never change she says But as the seasons pass and he matures his legs grow and then his armsand what happens to his beautiful rainbow friend As he sits on his. Great story Educational and amusing too I ve planned a lesson around this Reading and discussion Some PDL uestions about change and the morality of the ending then we ll make stop motion animations about life cycles

CHARACTERS Tadpoles Promise

Lily pad digesting a butterfly Tadpole little realizes that now he will never know Follow the predictable changes of a tadpole and a caterpillar to their natural conclusion in this award winning picture book. I have read this book many times with children ranging in age from 4 to 11 and unlike other reviewers I have not had any problems with the children being upset On the contrary they have all loved the surprise ending It reflects real life well the ending doesand so there is a serious point within the humour Maybe it warns us about being over anthropomorphistic is that a word You know what I mean in the first place Brilliant Refreshingly funny and honest

About the Author: Jeanne Willis

Jeanne Willis is an award winning childrens author published worldwide She has written over 150 books including picture books novelty teen novels and poetry She was shortlisted for the Whitbread for her novel Naked Without a Hat won the Smarties Silver for Tadpoles Promise the Nasen Special Needs Award for Susan Laughs and many besides Recently she won the Sheffield for Who’s in The Loo and is short listed for The Red House Children’s Book Award for Bottoms Up Her novel Dumb Creatures is in production Jeanne has over 20 years experience as an advertising copywriter and has created TV cinema and radio commercials for major clients including Heinz Mencap and British Gas If you see Sid tell him She has also written hundreds of TV scripts including The Slow Norris Dog and Duck The Twins Maisy Best Script British Animation Awards Marvellous Milly The Ark Upstairs Downstairs Bears Dr Xargle and The Wombles Jeanne Lives in North London with two kids two cats a rabbit 99 tadpoles and a Bogbaby