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I was royalty a prince I was expected to act a certain way do certain things But I wanted somethingout of lifeI wanted loveThen fate threw me a curve ball in the form of a gorgeous commoner someone I shouldnt marry because of how different our li.

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Cinder Royal

That it didnt matter where we were in life to me she was all I neededTo me she was CinderellaWarning This is a sugary sweet fairytale retelling with dual virgins who only want each other and a happily ever after that is sure to give you a toothac.

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Ves were but she was the only woman Id ever wantedFrom the moment I saw Cindy I knew she was the oneMy wifeMy ueenThe woman Id give my virginity toShe didnt see herself as worthyBut Cindy was everything Id ever wanted andIt was time I showed her.