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Hough the beautiful monster’s last plea don’t let them hurt me tears at Josh’s conscience To his horror they do just thatKir let his loneliness and instant attraction to Josh lure him into a trap he should have sensed Even as his consciousness fades he sinks psychic hooks into Josh as a pure reflex a survival interesting concept it s okway too short to build any momentum

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Monster Author Joely Skye

Instinct honed by years of abuse at the hands of the agencyEven though Josh’s job is done he finds he can’t simply walk away Not only because of what Kir is but why the agency wants the boy back Trouble is he doesn’t know if he’s doing the right thingor if his will is being twisted by the mind of a murdere I liked one of Joely Skye s other books so I m going to give this one a chance despite the creepygnarlyweirdo lookin guy on the cover

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True loveor a trapMinders Book 1Josh Mackay has studied his uarry for two months and now it’s time to earn his pay Bringing in an escaped Minder a psi who can bend anyone’s mind to his will takes a specialistLuring the surprisingly naïve Kiran Brunner to a safe house is almost too easy As the trans take hold t This was a uick short story and a great start to a series Although I probably wouldn t say that if I didn t already have the other two books in the series Lol I d probably be cussing up a storm on the ending but since I can go straight to the second one I m than pleasedThe relationship between Josh and Kir definitely starts out as enemies but slowly as Josh helps Kir it evolves into something different In the end however they re forced right back into enemies because of Josh s hurt towards Kir s deceptive use of his psychic powers on JoshI ve been putting off reading this series for a while Why I have no idea because I really liked Kir and Josh Kir being sexually abused in the past appealed to me because I like characters who are broken and Kir is just that Josh who s been in the military can t seem to get over his need to protect Kir even though they just met and I liked that too This was like a modern day knight in shining armor story With psychics and abuse LolDefinitely recommended

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    I'm giving all three virtually the same review because they're basically of a serial novel than a seriesYou have to read all three in the series because the first two end in cliffhangers and they're short Keep that in mind because the first two do not have an HEAHFN I'm someone who reuires a happy ending but it was okay because I had the other books at hand and I knew it would eventually turn out okay The end really isn't an endin

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    This was a uick short story and a great start to a series Although I probably wouldn't say that if I didn't already have the other tw

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    This is the first book in a series and while it can be read alone it has a rather big hanging ending with little to no resolution on any front As I haven’t read the subseuent books I’ve no idea if any of the issues ra

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    35 StarsA Live Your Life Buy The Book ReviewTo start with I loved the first half of this book We get to see Josh setting up his trap for Kir and all the planning gone into it Then comes the escape from the agency after Josh is horrified to learn the truth of what they were doing to Kir I liked how this was set up

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    Josh Mackay is hired by the Agency to bring in Kiran Brunner a Minder with the psychic ability to manipulate and kill However when Josh finally up face to face with Kir he feels the need to protect the kid Kir is not as viscious as Josh thinks

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    interesting concept it's okway too short to build any momentum

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    I liked one of Joely Skye's other books so I'm going to give this one a chance despite the creepygnarlyweirdo lookin' guy on the cover

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    Monster is a short read I did like the story of the premise but I thought the author could go deeper with character development and p

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    SummaryKir is a Minder a mutant gifted with psychic abilities which make it possible for him to control and manipulate anyone with just a word and the exertion of his psychic powers over themJosh is a man hired to hunt and capture Kir for the mysterious Agency which is dedicated to keeping and controlling minders When Josh captures his target and takes him back to a 'safe house' he is appalled at the treatment that Kir receives f

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    It's just a first chapter of a storyKir is a Minder often called a Monster He can control people minds and is accused of murdering at least two peopleJosh was send to capture the Monster and he's convinced he can succeed His resolve wavers after he witnessed how Kir is treated by his keepersThe plan to save the man is bornWith a little pus