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    Let me begin this review by telling you that I'm an atheist In fact I'm with Douglas Adams in calling myself a radical atheist just to make sure that everyone gets the point Yes really It's in my profileSo my opinion about this book really has nothing to do with my personal convictions Well not my personal religious convictions of which th

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    There's a debate I keep getting into about the difference between atheism and religious belief someone claims that atheism is just ano

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    A wicked witty condemnation of all things religious As a person of faith I find that Hitchens often sounds like a blind man ridiculing the value of Rembrandt and Van Gogh But he is particularly fine on the noxious ways in wh

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    Witty fact based amusing rant I laughed out loud many timesI think part of the rage Hitchens encounters derives from the

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    I read this months ago and never got around to the reviewSimply stated Hitchens puts into words all the reasons I shy away from organized religion The prejudices sexism the overall foolishness At the same time he seems oblivious to the fact that there are religious people out there doing great things; feeding the hungry clothing the poor building for the homeless Hey Hitchens I get that you are atheist That's fine but knock that chip off

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    As a fellow Atheist Mr Hitchens is preaching to choir so to speak in this informative captivating work in which

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    Not long ago I watched a couple of those How The Universe Works shows and it kinda traumatized me In however many billions of years the sun is going to die and slightly before that the Earth will be incinerated and everythi

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    I'm probably going to court some hateful comments by trying to write a review of this book but I think Hitch would be proud that I am making th

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    Having read the book some time before the author died and having written a review but not on this site I'm at a loss to comprehend now what went wrong with this book I had a lenient rating system at the time I read this book Now I'd have given this book a 25 which I just have There is too much focus on current terrorist acts and while in theory it's not a bad idea I did found such parts muddling and boring Respect to H

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    Since I can't say anything with out being labelled as a 'heretic' or a 'heathen' I will just say this;Not everyt

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God is Not Great How Religion Poisons Everything

With his uniue brand of erudition and wit Hitchens describes the ways in which religion is man made God did not make us he says We made God He explains the ways in which religion is immoral We damage our children There s a debate I keep getting into about the difference between atheism and religious belief someone claims that atheism is just another faith and I disagree This seems like a good place to summarize my objectionsI would first like to draw a clear distinction between dogmatic and sceptical atheism If someone blindly believes that there is no God and no evidence whatsoever would change their opinion then I uite agree that for such people atheism is indeed another religion A mathematician might say that it s the null religion But most atheists aren t like that They don t believe in God because they don t see compelling evidence to do so but were such evidence produced they would change their minds If you still wish to argue that sceptical atheism is a faith it seems to me that you are in general arguing that one should abolish the distinction between faith and reasoned judgement a step most people would be reluctant to take When I say that I don t believe snow is green my statement is based on having seen a lot of snow Most of it was white some was a dirty gray and none of it was green If I did see green snow I d change my position to saying that snow was usually white but occasionally greenOf course evidence isn t always as direct as looking at snow I don t believe that any mountain in the world is taller than Mount Everest I have never even been in the Himalayas and directly verifying the claim would also involve visiting and measuring every mountain in the world a difficult undertaking Nonetheless I have met people whose job it is to verify claims of this kind and I know that they are good at what they do If a geographer published an erroneous claim about the identity of the world s tallest mountain I am sure that another geographer would take great pleasure in showing him that he was wrong and would try to set the record straight It s easy to measure the height of a mountain to an accuracy of at worst a metre or two Soon the debate would be over and almost everyone would agreeMoving on to things directly divine I don t believe that thunder is the sound of the god Thor throwing his hammer I believe it s the sound of a large scale electrical discharge made when clouds become sufficiently charged Again my evidence is largely based on other people s testimony but the account of thunder in terms of electrical discharges is solid coherent and meshes well with things I have seen For example discharges created by van der Graaf generators look enough like lightning that it s hard to write that off as a coincidence I also know that the statistics on the efficacy of lightning conductors are very one sided None the less if I were to meet Thor in person as Natalie Portman does in the recent movie I would no doubt revise my opinionsWell I don t believe in the existence of the monotheistic God who created the universe simply because I don t see enough evidence My lack of belief in that God is pretty much the same as my lack of belief in green snow my lack of belief in a mountain taller than Everest and my lack of belief in big blond guys in thunder clouds throwing hammers If I did see evidence I d change my mind Carl Sagan s novel Contact makes this point very nicely But until then I m sceptical and I don t see that my scepticism is an act of faith It s only the normal exercise of reasoned judgement

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By indoctrinating them It is a cause of sexual repression violence and ignorance It is a distortion of our origins and the cosmos In the place of religion Hitchens offers the promise of a new enlightenment through As a fellow Atheist Mr Hitchens is preaching to choir so to speak in this informative captivating work in which Hitchens judiciously provides historically documented and personal examples of what he sees as an ever increasing war being waged by a variety of religious fundamental organizations In our very own country we have troops of well funded born again fanatics preaching hatred of anyone who doesn t fall in line with their standards Worse these groups instill a deep rooted fear in the most vulnerable forced members of their congregation young helpless defenseless children sometimes as young as three Hitchens provides chilling eye witness accounts of these tactics which are slowly tearing away at the fabric of this great nation Regardless of your religious beliefs if you have an open mind and enjoy reading well written fact based relevant nonfiction then you will enjoy this book Certainly deeply religious people may find certain parts upsetting as fundamental beliefs are challenged with factual cited information Hitchens has a way of peeling away the absurdity of certain religious beliefs and how these beliefs at their very core are contrary to very ideals shouted to the masses during worship services Something I learned at an early age as a baptized Roman Catholic about to be confirmed is that before anyone blindly accepts what they ve been told over a period of time about a particular religion it is your right your responsibility and your duty to pick up a couple of books about Judaism Hindu Islam Buddhism Heavens Gate Kool Aid Lovers or whatever they were all about even Mormonism and Jehovah Witness and read Read about each of these religious Get a book along the lines of Religion for Dummies there is a joke in there somewhere and get an overview of what these groups are all about Then study philosophy and science and art and history Read Ayn Rand and Aristotle and Plato and study and research and think for yourself And then one day years later you ll realize what is true for you and that will be your own religion There are too many great stories in Hitchens book but some of my personal favorites pertain to religious interference with women s reproductive rights Islamic authorities of the Council of Ulemas in Indonesia urged that condoms only be made available to married coupled HUH and then only with a prescription He also uotes an article from Foreign Policy magazine in which a n official of Pakistan s AIDS Control Program stated that the AIDS problem was smaller in his country because of better social and Islamic values This in a state where the law allows a woman to be sentenced to be gang raped in order to expiate the shame of a crime committed by her brother Good ol repression and denial The building blocks of religion Pro or con Christian or Agnostic Cubs or White Sox This book will if nothing else be educational and thought provoking I give this FIVE Pac Mans

Free download ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ Christopher Hitchens

Science and reason a realm in which hope and wonder can be found through a strand of DNA or a gaze through the Hubble Telescope As Hitchens sees it you needn't get the blues once you discover the heavens are empt Not long ago I watched a couple of those How The Universe Works shows and it kinda traumatized me In however many billions of years the sun is going to die and slightly before that the Earth will be incinerated and everything that we are were will be and will have built will cease to exist I can comprehend that Earth s only one part of a solar system in a tiny part of one galaxy of hundreds of billions of galaxies that exist in the vastness of the universe See I know that someday thankfully not very soon Earth is a goner But what s hard for me to comprehend is that eventually the rest of the universe will end too That s just mind boggling to me That something so vast and so seemingly infinite can just end well it makes me almost wish that there was something to almost want to have faith that there is some sort of creator who set all of this in place and then breathed life into it and who has a plan and a purpose for what it will eventually become rather than there being nothing but a ticking clock until the end of everything Almost because it s sometimes comforting in the face of the end of all existence But I don t Even if I DID have that faith that would be all I could never be religious because I don t believe in religion And that is the crux of this book for me A little anecdote before I continue A couple weeks ago The Boy s family came to stay with us for a few days to visit They are religiousy grace before dinner heh almost typo d sinner there God has a plan types who give God credit for everything They hit all green lights driving through town God was with them etc I try not to get sucked into conversations about religion with The Boy s grandma because she s a sweet lady who just can t see things being other than how she sees them and she believes that she s only trying to help me find God I know she wouldn t understand my lack of desire to have anything to do with religion so I just avoid the topic altogether whenever possibleThe last day of their visit the inevitable happened and she cornered me while I was making dinnerHer So have you found a church yetMe Umm no OhIhavetocheckthefoodnow mumblemumbleHer Oh well you ll find one you just have to keep trying You know you d really like my church It s the biggest in the area We have to drive 45 minutes to get there but I really like it because it s got gold on the windowsills and they ve got their own TV and radio stations and I zoned out around this point just holding up my end of the conversation by muttering Oh and That s nice every time she stopped for airThen So why don t you go to churchMe DAMMIT Oh well I don t believe in organized religionHer Oh you mean like those Catholics They are always standing and sitting and chanting at just the right times They are really organizedMe Oo Yeahhhhh that s not exactly the kind of organized I meantHitchens point as the sub title indicates is that RELIGION poisons everything Simply put it s a pissing contest winner decided by headcount or body count as the case may be between groups who are each claiming that THEIRS is the Right and One True Religion and thus intolerance and hatred and fear is born Religions tell people that they are going to spend eternity in suffering unless they Follow The Rules when The Rules themselves can cause immense suffering in people from fear of eternal damnation to circumcision both male and female to homophobic violence to genocide just to name a few Seems like a loselose to meOrganized religion seeks and too often succeeds to exert control over people s thoughts and behavior imposing standards of purity that are nearly impossible to attain even in the most pious believer But than that they also insert themselves into politics seeking to impose their particular brand of morality on everyone which inevitably leads to human rights violations and less freedom for people of all beliefs Religion spawns creatures of such vile ugliness and pure evil that I can t even comprehend them And that s just the Westboro Baptist Church Ahh such wholesome joyful hatred I agreed with much of what Hitchens said in this book on the subject of religion because I do think that can be toxic but we actually differ on the faith aspect I felt uncomfortable with some of his attitudes toward people who believe in GodAllahBuddhaKrishnaetc resorting to dismissive name calling several times I realize that this is a fine line for me to walk because religion and faithbelief are tied so closely together But I feel like faithbelief in and of itself is not a bad thing nor does it make the person who holds it stupid or naive or less worthy of respect I have no problem with faith or belief in any God whatever they may be called That is an individual s decision and it s personal to them I make no claims of knowing there is NOT a God so I cannot say anyone who believes in one is wrong My issue is when faith is bound up in religion as an institution that uses it as a method of control and intolerance That is when I feel that a line is crossed and in my opinion the result is far harm than good if viewed in large scale terms

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Christopher Eric Hitchens was an English born American author journalist and literary critic He was a contributor to Vanity Fair The Atlantic World Affairs The Nation Slate Free Inuiry and a variety of other media outlets Hitchens was also a political observer whose best selling books — the most famous being God Is Not Great — made him a staple of talk shows and lecture circuits He was