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Why should you serve red wine with classical music and white wine with pop music What is it about a heavier bowl that makes your pudding taste better And how can you make your food taste saltier without adding saltIf any of these uestions has sparked your appetite you need to read Flavour New Scientist correspondent Bob Holmes has tasted a.

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Flavour A User's Guide to Our Most Neglected Sense

Nts to be a better cook get the best restaurant experience no matter where you go or if you just want to make better decisions in the supermarket or about your diet Flavour will help you discover a deeper appreciation of what’s on your plate and in your glassA fascinating and surprising exploration into a world of high definition flavour.

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Lot of things in the name of flavour He’s travelled all over the world delved into cutting edge scientific research enlisted chefs psychologists molecular gastronomists flavourists and farmers attended the weirdest conventions and even received very rare access to one of the world’s few highly secretive flavour housesFor anyone who wa.

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    This book shows how little we know about the sense of taste and flavour Despite it being one of the fundamental five sens

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    Interesting and fascinating I liked this book Maybe the title a user's guide is a bit misleading It's a crash course in flavour an introduction and a personal journal tooI liked this book because it sheds light at least starts to on the complex world of flavour I didn't know much about it and was intrigued by the reflections on the physiology of sensing the genomics of perception and interpretation and the chemistry of smell and taste It