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H of time to a future there is still time save Like all great teachers Ishmael refuses to make the lesson easy; he demands the final illumination to come from within ourselves Is it man's destiny to rule the world Or is it a higher destiny possible for him one wonderful than he has ever imagine. I haven t finished this book yet but I probably won t because it sucks First of all it s supposed to be a novel but it s entirely didactic The author has simply substituted this gorilla to preach at us in the author s voice The viewpoint character is simple minded and vacuous to the point of not existing In fact he s just there as the foil or receptacle for the gorilla s teachings The central thesis of the gorilla s thoughts which he presents as unassailable fact is the supposition that human population will ALWAYS increase to use all available food supply something that simply isn t true in any of the developed countries If it weren t for immigration of course the US and most of Western Europe would have falling populations The author dismisses this massive flaw in his edifice of cards by saying someone somewhere will eat the food or else people would stop growing it Okay so he then doesn t notice that if people stop growing food because there s nobody to eat it then the population is limiting itself and the human species is not doing its job of multiplying engulfing and devouring as he claims it always must It s the same old stuff the Club of Rome said in the 70s and so on and so on from Malthus to the present It comes about because people don t realize that trends do change in response to changing situations Women empowered with birth control to choose their family size have less children Fishers who realize fish stocks are depleted do change their methods and either enact laws limiting catch sizes or turn to farming or become conservationists of wild species The human species has lived off mother earth s bounty for all its childhood and adolescence but it IS growing up and will eventually nurture all the world s resources in a realistic way leading to complete sustainability There s nothing improbable about that Some of the things the author doesn t realize follow In space the resources are truly unlimited We re not in a closed petri dish We just have to reach out and develop what s there We make new resources all the time with advances in technology Worthless sand becomes useful glass then even useful microchips Black sludge becomes a fuel or a plastic container The we know the we see worthless things around us turn into jewels under our hands Before human stewardship life on earth was far from safe and cozy Asteroid impacts destroyed nearly all living things on several different occasions Cambrian Permian Cretaceous etc and could do so again even completely if humans aren t technologically advanced enough to prevent it The history of life is riddled with catastrophes that weren t caused by humans There s so much I could write a novel But you get the picture Please save your efforts for some book that will entertain you or teach you something true This one is useless for either

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An Adventure of the Mind and SpiritThe narrator of this extraordinary tale is a man in search for truth He answers an ad in a local newspaper from a teacher looking for serious pupils only to find himself alone in an abandoned office with a full grown gorilla who is nibbling delicately on a sle. My biggest problem with primitivism as a philosophy is its inherent hypocrisy Notice how it s always highly educated white dudes insulated from the world who clamor for a return to some idealized simpler life In the case of this book it s a distinguished professor haughtily preaching about how we should learn some lessons from hunter gatherer people channeling his philosophy through a gorilla character who converses with an everyman character Ishmael the gorilla makes a passing derogatory mention of the noble savage idea then spends the rest of the book romanticizing and idealizing the hunter gatherer cultures trying to get across the idea that modern Western people have trouble seeing merit in such cultures because we ve been brainwashed by our industrialized societyBut the thing is going back to a hunter gatherer lifestyle would mean a goodbye to literacy to book publishing to all the things without which Daniel uinn and others like him would have no literary soapbox to stand on Instead he d be busy carrying his life on his back as he trudged across the plains looking for food and trying to not get eaten by lions He d die before the age of 40 of some perfectly treatable disease that is if he hadn t died while being born or during childhoodThe extreme utopianism and naivete pissed me off so much that I did some research on the anarcho primitivist philosophy behind it Turns out my views on this matter match those of Noam Chomsky who wrote the following in Chomsky on Anarchism I do not think they are realizing that what they are calling for is the mass genocide of millions of people because of the way society is now structured and organized urban life and so forth If you eliminate these structures everybody dies For example I can t grow my own food It s a nice idea but it s not going to work not in this world And in fact none of us want to live a hunter gatherer life There are just too many things in life that the modern world offers us In just plain terms of survival what they are calling for is the worst mass genocide in human history And unless one thinks through these things it s not really seriousIndeed mass genocide is exactly what uinn advocates in Ishmael One of his arguments is that the world s population is growing and draining the Earth s resources and to control the population we must reduce the food supply specifically to the parts of the world that are already experiencing famine To put it another way he s in favor of starving a million people in Africa and India whose only crime was being born in the wrong time and the wrong place Nice Dr uinn Why not just make it simpler and kill off the poorest 10 percent of the world s population That part of the book smelled a lot like Jonathan Swift s Modest Proposal to me except unfortunately uinn is not an intentional satiristAnother issue was the deeply rooted sexism in both the language and the thought process Here s a uote about why Mother Culture is always feminine in the text Culture is a mother everywhere and at every time because culture is inherently a nurturer Because of course a woman s role is always as mother and nurturer and not much elseThe starting premise of this book is that the human race is uickly destroying the Earth and we will kill ourselves and take the planet with us if we don t stop This is a premise with actual scientific proof behind it Humans believe that they are the end all be all of evolution and therefore the planet belongs to them to do as they please with no regard for other species or life forms and that s what s going to kill us sooner than later Nothing to disagree with there But uinn s solution is a bunch of hypocritical and unrealistic drivelAll that being said I know that for some people including my boyfriend who loves this book and is the reason I read it in the first place Ishmael is what opened their eyes to the dire need to protect the environment That s great I just hope that no one ends their search for a solution with this book and this philosophy

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Nder branch You are the teacher he asks incredulously I am the teacher the gorilla replies Ishmael is a creature of immense wisdom and he has a story to tell one that no other human being has ever heard It is a story that extends backward and forward over the lifespan of the earth from the birt. The reason I like uinn s style in Ishmael is that he doesn t assume a pedantic perch atop humanity and force feed a philosophically driven A Z laundry list of how to make yourself a better human being and save the world one person at a time mantra down the reader s throat His style of writing is intimate Reading Ishmael kind of reminds you of sitting in lecture with that one professor in college whose class you earnestly enjoyed and looked forward to attending each week those lectures where you felt as if taking notes was of an inconvenient distraction than simply opening your ears and listening for 60 minutes You got out of it by just sitting there like a blob taking it all in as opposed to fretting over particulars You can tell uinn is or was a good teacher A good teacher defined as one who guides hisher students to the answers to their uestions not one who regurgitates spoon feeds or paraphrases concepts principles and opinions down your throat systematically Like Ishmael s narrator I too found myself excited to come back each day via turning the next page to learn another part of the story What I find fascinating about this book is the power of its seemingly simplistic message Man unto himself is temporal phenomenon uinn doesn t waste his time extrapolating the myriad of problems that affect our world to make his point He doesn t bother to persuade or guilt the reader into action with doomsday scenarios statistics outcomes or make sententious arguments to bolster his credibility as a thinker Instead he plainly examines the most basic function of the human species and how the organization of its functionality became well dysfunctional Regardless of whether you factor God evolution or little green men into your respective paradigm to help you make sense of humanity its purpose and ultimate destiny refuting the message in this book is unreasonable Human beings are the most evolved intelligent and capable species on the planet As such we find ourselves amidst a paradox We are progenitor to the earth as well as the root source of its impending or at least eventual devastation Ishmael is not a book whose scope is easily confined to the adverse effects of humanity on the environment or excess population or invasion of one civilization by another throughout history or how we re killing the polar bear into extinction etc Its message is simply that man has forgotten his place in the order of nature in a very large context and that happened the moment man was cognizant of his innate ability to differentiate good vs evil as a species As a result man began to use that acumen as an instinctual instrument to serve as justification for what lives and what dies pursuant to ensuring his unlimited growth at any expense KL

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    Are you the sort of person who hears other people discussing books and finding yourself wondering how they can even form opinions on stories? I mean either you like it or you don't right? Well if that's you then read this book The Giver and Siddhartha if that sounds like too much substitute Jonathan Livingston Seagull for the latter Once y

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    My biggest problem with primitivism as a philosophy is its inherent hypocrisy Notice how it's always highly educated white dudes insulated from the world who clamor for a return to some idealized simpler life? I

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    This book gets many 5 star reviews and is touted as “life changing”My comment “GET A LIFE” This could possibly be THE WORST book I have ever read I have been reading this book forever I am so glad I am finished It’s 200 pages of torture This size of book I would normally devour in 1 2 days It’s a sociology lecture a cr

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    The reason I like uinn’s style in “Ishmael” is that he doesn’t assume a pedantic perch atop humanity and force feed

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    Lessons in Metaphysics for Recovering IdealistsThe conventional translation of the name Ishmael from Hebrew is ‘God hears’ But there is an eually plausible alternative ‘Man is God’ This could well be Daniel uinn’s satirical intent First called Goliath then renamed Ishmael but acting like Socrates uinn’s central characte

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    This book was recommended to me from my Ecology teacher on Saturday I bought it the same day because i really needed a decent read i having been craving this all the time lately I did not put it down until i was done with it two days later The premise is a man talking to a gorilla however simple and idiotic that may seem to you this

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    A little story about Ishmael by Daniel uinnI first read this back in the fall of '99 for a college course It was a time in my life where for a variety of reasons including a breakup of a long relationship I was first began to think for myself instead of think what others wanted me to think This book completely wiped away the world view that my parents friends and teachers had put into my head for so many years and then began the f

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    Step right up ladies and gentlemen Behold the majesty of Curious George as he gets all dialogue y on your ass Your encounter will l

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    I haven't finished this book yet but I probably won't because it sucks First of all it's supposed to be a novel but it's entirely didactic The author has simply substituted this gorilla to preach at us in the author's voice The viewpoint character is simple minded and vacuous to the point of not existing In fact he's just there as the foil or receptacle for the gorilla's teachings The central thesis of the gorilla's thoughts whic

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    The top three reviews on this book are salty 1 star reviews 0oEven if you don't agree with the philosophical underpinnings of this novel it is a thought provoking tale of great powerThe story is allegorical but even the surface story is an emotional and engaging taleI found this deeply enjoyable It is certainly worth your time to take a look even if you don't agree with the philosophy