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    I first got this book over 10ys ago in October 2007I did not know it was based on TV series on BBC 2 but who cares What I love about this that you don't just load of recipes but it is things like the photos of his Grandmother his house or the history of a forkMy favourite recipe is Cauliflower Risotto on page 69 a four I added white wineCauli

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    I didn't see the TV series and had never heard of the authorIf the series was anything like the book I missed ou

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    One of my favourite Italian cookbooks Francesco fills the book with delicious recipes and hugely interesting snippets of food history A must have for any fans of his television series andor Italian cookery

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Summary õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Francesco Da Mosto

Cipes and throughout there are personal reminiscences by Francesco of his first encounters with his favourite dishes As Francesco is keen to tell his passion for cooking authentic Venetian food comes from home 'When I start talking about cooking it is impossible to forget my father his love and imagination for all things culinary He has never feared unusual combinations of ingredients and seasonings and I have always been a willing guinea pig'.

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Francesco's Kitchen

Francesco da Mosto follows his bestselling books on Venice and Italy with his personal uest for the authentic flavours and food of Venice In this superbly illustrated book Francesco invites us into his family's kitchen in his 16th century Palazzo in the heart of the city where he acts as the perfect guide to the uniue culinary character of traditional Venetian cookingFrancesco shows us how to prepare 150 classic Venetian recipes ranging from A.

Summary õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Francesco Da Mosto

Ntipasti sauces soups and fish to meats pasta and puddings He demonstrates how Venetian food is a fabulous fusion of ingredients brought together over centuries as merchants and traders travelled the Mediterranean The ancient broeto stock and mollusc soups testify to this as does the richness and variety of dishes based on fish roasts grills tasty deep fried delicacies and saucesEach chapter is introduced with the history and origins of the re.