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    An utterly fascinating absorbing account of the cognitive development of man leading to the origins of religion O

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    Very revealing history of homo religious through homo sapiens' brain evolution We follow step by step the evolutio

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    The book argues that the idea of gods appeared after the brain went through five specific cognitive developments significant increase in the brain Homo habilis development of self awareness Homo erectus theory of mind archaic Homo sapiens introspective ability to reflect on their own thoughts early Homo sapiens and autobiographical memory modern Homo sapiens Of course the idea that the emergence of the concept of gods

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    One of the benefits of deciding to reuest books from NetGalley is that it exposes me to academic science writing than I might otherwise find Thanks to Columbia University Press for letting me read this I’m really fascinated by the study of

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    I am a brain geek with a passing interest in world religions mostly in understanding the psychosocial basis and conseuences of religion so I jumped at the chance to read this book thanks NetGalley It did not disappoint Th

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    Fascinating If you are short of time or get bogged down in the brain anatomy parts each chapter is nicely summarized and you can sk

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    In this book religion is studied as a naturalistic phenomenon The author uses a cross disciplinary approach to understand the development of religious belief and the “high god” world religions Combining human paleontology primatology archaeology brain research and neuroscience he creates a testable story of the origins of religion As the

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    Religion and other seemingly abstract ideas have always been of great interest to me How do we conceive of such things? Why do we conceive of such things? and I found this book to be very helpful to my own investigations Torrey traces evidence of human brain evolution and of religious practice how it began why it began where it has come fro

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    This is a strong case for the evolutionary origin of religion ie that gods came about as a result of humans' developing brains Here Torrey points toward the acuisition of autobiographical memory and the awareness of death I now understand clearly why I wasn’t wild about Nicholas Wade’s argument in The Faith Instinct Ho

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    Very intriguing Easy to follow and understand Well researched Food for thought

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Evolving Brains Emerging Gods

Roposed by Charles Darwin Torrey marshals evidence that the emergence of gods was an incidental conseuence of several evolutionary factors Using data ranging from ancient skulls and artifacts to brain imaging primatology and child development studies this book traces how new cognitive abilities gave rise to new behaviors For instance autobiographical memory the ability to project ourselves backward and forward in time gave Homo sapiens a competitive advantage However it also led to comprehension of mortality spurr. Fascinating If you are short of time or get bogged down in the brain anatomy parts each chapter is nicely summarized and you can skip around a bit Long story short our brains weren t able to create religions until they finished five key developments then went hog wild creating every variation that has ever existed in a remarkably short time Not sure if I agree that religion was necessary for advanced societies but they certainly seem to have started together Author also doesn t think we ll grow out of religion any time soon though it is implied that if it ever was evolutionarily advantageous it has become the opposite with the possibility of world wide armageddon Just really interesting to read and reflect on

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Ing belief in an alternative to death Torrey details the neurobiological seuence that explains why the gods appeared when they did connecting archaeological findings including clothing art farming and urbanization to cognitive developments This book does not dismiss belief but rather presents religious belief as an inevitable outcome of brain evolution Providing clear and accessible explanations of evolutionary neuroscience Evolving Brains Emerging Gods will shed new light on the mechanics of our deepest mysteries. This is a strong case for the evolutionary origin of religion ie that gods came about as a result of humans developing brains Here Torrey points toward the acuisition of autobiographical memory and the awareness of death I now understand clearly why I wasn t wild about Nicholas Wade s argument in The Faith Instinct How Religion Evolved and Why It Endures IMO Wade overemphasizes the social and narrowly prosocial benefits of religion Those social benefits may have given believing humans somewhat of an evolutionary advantage but even if they did I don t think they are the ORIGIN of religious belief And religiosity can just as easily be argued to be a negative thing for humankind So I m firmly in the religion is an evolutionary BYPRODUCT not necessarily adaptive campThe book is current 2017 and very readable However while it s a good overview of the subject it s not particularly original Torrey pretty much regurgitates Pascal Boyer Scott Atran Richard Dawkins et al If you re willing to really go deep you could dive into Religion Explained The Evolutionary Origins of Religious Thought Daniel Dennett also covers the evolutionary origins of religion in part of his Breaking the Spell Religion as a Natural Phenomenon but both Boyer and Dennett are so damn dry You might do just as well to read Michael Shermer s work on patternicity and agenticity in The Believing Brain From Ghosts and Gods to Politics and Conspiracies How We Construct Beliefs and Reinforce Them as Truths I think those cognitive systems or cognitive mechanisms are really important and Torrey does not address them


Religions and mythologies from around the world teach that God or gods created humans Atheist humanist and materialist critics meanwhile have attempted to turn theology on its head claiming that religion is a human invention In this book E Fuller Torrey draws on cutting edge neuroscience research to propose a startling answer to the ultimate uestion Evolving Brains Emerging Gods locates the origin of gods within the human brain arguing that religious belief is a by product of evolutionBased on an idea originally p. An utterly fascinating absorbing account of the cognitive development of man leading to the origins of religion Over the last 200000 years the human brain has gone through stages of development which can be compared with the development of a child s brain in the first few years of life What took homo sapiens 160000 or so years takes a child 6 or 7 years Around 40000 years ago we became capable of autobiographical memory that is the ability to project ourselves forwards and backwards in time We became able to predict future events with some accuracy allowing us to plan ahead skilfully It was at this stage in our evolution that we began to comprehend fully the inevitability of death and most likely to develop a fear of deathThe acuisition of what is termed autobiographical memory together with the simultaneous development of other cognitive skills led to the agricultural revolution of around 10000 years ago Communal living and working as opposed to a nomadic lifestyle led to a dramatic increase in population A settled life meant that the dead could be buried next to the living and so ancestor worship became increasingly important and elaborateBy 6500 years ago as civilisation progressed and the world population increased a few important ancestors crossed a line and became gods Political leaders soon recognised their usefulness and deployed them beyond the original focus on life and death to be instrumental in secular life to help with wars and to cast judgement for example In Mesopotamia around 4500 years ago the world s first civilisation gods were anthropomorphised to a level where they behaved like the later Greek gods who had their origins here They behaved like humans but with supernatural powers They ate and drank fell in love and got married had children and all their needs were taken care of in the temples where they were given food and drink were clothed and entertained The world s first civilisation was firmly built on religious foundations that eventually pervaded every aspect of cultural social and political life Remarkably parallel developments can be seen across the civilised world at this time from Mesopotamia to Europe to the Indus Valley to China and beyond The evolutionary theory of the creation of gods presented in this book isn t new It was first proposed by Charles Darwin The explanation given here however clearly explains cognitive development in physical terms in a way that even a non scientist like myself can easily follow and actually enjoy learning about it The social and cultural aspects of development are absorbing and have given me an almost completely new perspective on our origins Finally the last chapters look at comparative theories of religion and a summary highlights the key points that all religions in the major civilisations have shared 1 An answer to the problem of death God provided immortality eternal life2 Psychological and social benefits from group membership3 The sacred and the secular have usually developed hand in hand For example in Mesopotamia the temples of the gods controlled the workshops and the trade on which the economy was built Political leaders aligned themselves with gods often claiming divine status themselves4 The success of emerging religions is dependent upon the economic political or military success of their adherents eg Christianity through Rome Buddhism through Ashoka5 New religions borrow gods and religious ideas from older religions The Judeo Christian religion is based on Mesopotamian religion from which it took the Great Flood the Tower of Babel and the creation of man and Zoroastrianism with its all powerful Ahura Mazda and its belief in saviours three of which were to be born of virgins and the last of which was to appear on the Day of JudgementTo this day a belief in gods has continued to be one of modern homo sapiens defining characteristics For thousands of years now gods have provided explanations for natural phenomena and answers to philosophical uestions Why does religion have such a stranglehold over our species The answer is given that we are not only clever aware empathic and self reflective we also have an autobiographical memory that allows us to integrate our past as we contemplate our future This has made us in the words of Karen Armstrong homo religiosusThanks to NetGalley and Columbia University Press for an ARC

  • Hardcover
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  • Evolving Brains Emerging Gods
  • E. Fuller Torrey
  • English
  • 27 September 2019
  • 9780231183369