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  • The Ultimate Guide to the Sky: How to Find Constellations and Read the Night Sky Like a Pro
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  • 09 November 2019
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2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to the Sky: How to Find Constellations and Read the Night Sky Like a Pro

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    I purchased this book when it first came out, and have been using each year while teaching my fifth grade students about the constellations. It is concise but easy to comprehend for this age level. Students enjoy using it so much, that it has ended up in several hiding places throughout my room in anticipation of other students wanted to use it. Buy it, you won't be disappointed!!!

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    My 6 year old picked this book out at a book store and I was a little wary. But it is a great book. It gives information about each constellation and where to find it as well as some background on the mythical character. The star finder really does help to locate the constellations. My niece picked up the book and immediately had to borrow it and read it cover to cover now I'm ordering her her own.

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The Ultimate Guide to the Sky: How to Find Constellations and Read the Night Sky Like a Pro

Arts for finding different constellations plus a vi.


Ewer for finding stars at different times of the ye.

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Explains stars and constellations and gives star ch.

About the Author: John Mosley

John has been interpreting the sky to family friends and the public since he got his first telescope in 1956 He was a passionate amateur astronomer from an early age Ive wanted to be an astronomer since I can remember certainly since first grade He had a backyard observatory in suburban Detroit and earned a degree in astronomy from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in 1970 Upon graduation he turned from research to public astronomy and during his 35 year professional career he worked in two public planetariums the historic Hansen Planetarium in Salt Lake City and the world famous Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles John was in charge of Griffiths educational activities for 27 years and he wrote and produced over 50 planetarium shows and presented them live developed museum exhibits was responsible for the operation of the telescopes and provided astronomy information to the public and the news media He has been interviewed over 100 times on local and national television and appeared in than a dozen documentaries John became an authority on the Star of Bethlehem his first book is The Christmas Star published in 1987In the 1990s John wrote four additional books on the sky The Ultimate Guide to the Sky for children in 1997 Stargazing for Beginners also in 1997 Stargazing with Binoculars and Telescopes in 1998 and Starry Night Companion in 2000 This last book has been included with every copy of Starry Night software sold since 2000 His two stargazing books are available throughcomJohn became a familiar face to Los Angeles residents and to people around the country with his freuent media appearances John was called on regularly to explain eclipses discoveries in astronomy and to be an authority in documentaries and he has appeared on CNN Headline News Tom Snyder Show Good Morning America AM Los Angeles Dan Rather Evening News Today Show Jim Lehrer News Hour as well as the local evening news countless timesJohn has also lead expeditions to South America and the Caribbean to watch eclipses and to see Halleys Comet taught astronomy at the college level and to teachers and conducted weekend astronomy workshops for families on Palomar Mountain and elsewhere He edited magazines and a professional journal wrote a bi weekly column on the sky that appeared in the Los Angeles Times for six years and recorded a weekly Sky Report that was very popular for 26 years He coordinated public star parties sponsored by Hansen Planetarium and Griffith Observatory for 35 yearsSince retiring from Los Angeles in 2006 John and his wife Barbara has been traveling the country in their motorhome They carry a superb 825 inch telescope and they seek out dark sky sites to continue Johns life long hobby of stargazing He still enjoys explaining the sky to others and likes to conduct public star parties so he formed a company Stargazing Adventures wwwStargazingAdventuresorg to formalize these pursuitsJohn is in Borrego Springs California south of Palm Springs December through March in St George Utah in April and May and again in October and November and travels during the summer