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Ected Royalist plot to unseat Bonaparte and Laura's mission is to report any suspicious findings At first the job is as lively as Latin textbooks and knitting but Laura begins to notice strange behavior from Jaouen secret meetings and odd comings and goings As Laura edges herself closer to her employer she makes a shocking discovery and is surprised to learn that she has far in common. Oh dear Laura and Letty are now having a face off over who is the best Willig heroine Arabella is looking on to see if she can capitalize on the disagreement if Pen doesn t beat her to the punchline Mary thinks she is better than all this Charlotte is reading a book and Hen and Amy are far too busy training new spies to notice


The Orchid Affair

With Jaouen than she originally thought As their plots begin to unravel Laura and Jaouen are forced on the run with the children and with the help of the Pink Carnation they escape to the countryside traveling as husband and wife But Delaroche will stop at nothing to take down his nemesis With his men hot on their trail can Laura and Jaouen seal the fate of Europe before it's too lat. Ahh Willig is such a delightful author to read Buta funny thing happened on the way through this book a subtle role reversal took place The contemporary storyline which through the previous books was merely a conduit to further the historical plot line became much intriguing than the main story The historical adventures of the Silver Orchid were interesting if a little slow moving while the intrigue among the modern day Selwick clan was palpable I found myself wanting to just skim over history in order to get to the parts that contained Eloise and Colin s predicament Unfortunately that ended up being the biggest disappointment in the book Nothing was revealed nothing was accomplished and nothing was learned after all the suspense It was just left dangling with no one saying a thing If I hadn t loved the wonderful yet humorous writing of Willig this would have suffered greatly in the star department

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Laura Grey a veteran governess joins the Selwick Spy School expecting to find elaborate disguises and thrilling exploits in service to the spy known as the Pink Carnation She hardly expects her first assignment to be serving as governess for the children of Andre Jaouen right hand man to Bonaparte's minister of police Jaouen and his arch rival Gaston Delaroche are investigating a susp. Here s the thing If you re at the point where you re reading the SEVENTH of a series in HARDCOVER you don t really need my review You re like me you re going to read it regardless of what the main storyline might be We ve come this far and we ve been amused enough with the ride so we ll continue on The Orchid Affair is indeed the seventh book in the Pink Carnation series a count which doesn t include the Christmas intrigue published a few months ago or that little online novella published by Lauren Willig historical romance novelist who found her way to full time writing only after going to Harvard Law something tells me that when they talk about the many things you can do with your law degree this might not have been what they had in mind Willig has certainly published a great deal since The Secret History of the Pink Carnation appeared in 2005 so thank goodness she seems to know exactly what her readers want The series is loosely gathered around the doings of the Pink Carnation an English spy but the Pink Carnation herself is a somewhat elusive character only peeking in occasionally while each book focuses on the love lives of two other individuals Most of the pairs of lovers in uestion are English regardless of the country that provides our setting but The Orchid Affair is uniue rather than featuring Englishfolk running about France while sporting flowery spy names this installment features a Frenchwoman returning home after spending years in England as a governess so she can sport a flowery spy name and be planted in the home of a French official Much less Englishness And running At least in the first half In the end what she and her super secret spy boss The Pink Carnation doesn t uite count on is that the French official in uestion might not be totally on board with the current government s practices either which would make them surprising allies in the need to smuggle a French claimant to the throne out of FranceWillig readers know the basic idea of what they ll be getting here Some ridiculous fun and an eventual happy ending preferably with a sexy scene or two tossed in or at least some nice romantic angst And when the obvious set up is between a secret spy governess and the employer she s spying on well there you have it Laura Grey is indeed a governess so posing as a governess isn t a terribly difficult role for her Her parents were artists her mother a poet of some note and her father a well known sculptor and while they had many friends in life when they died in a boating accident Laura made her own way in life Now the thrill of serving as a spy and having gone through the Selwick Spy School is a bit muted by the daily duties of teaching children so thankfully the story does eventually veer off into something much amusing a traveling troupe of actors Andre Jaouen is her employer the right hand man and cousin by marriage to the Chief of Police It s not surprising therefore that the Pink Carnation might want someone in his employ to glean any useful bits of information what Laura eventually discovers however is that Andre is assisting the Royalist cause having grown jaded with what the Revolution has led to As a result we get a fresher look at all the post Revolution politics in France which provides a welcome perspective in a series where naturally one must worry about the whole those Frenchies seek him everywhere storyline could get tiredOn the modern end of things as each novel does tie together with the modern graduate student Eloise and her blossoming romance with the many time great grandson of one of these flowery spies we actually are seeing some drama stir up that goes beyond Eloise and Colin I was a tad disappointed that we get no new information about exactly what Colin might be up to is he really writing a spy novel or is he perhaps taking up the family business of spying but we do get a bit of drama as it concerns his family s estate and his mother s husband who was her husband s nephew ew making a bit of a power play in his desire to be head of the family and trump Colin The trouble here is that we get so little time with this cast that I always find myself wishing for and not in the good sense strictly speaking Certainly it s interesting but it does feel like we re rather eking along thereI enjoy Willig s novels because she clearly has fun with the story which means that the reader is likely to have fun reading it She creates likable characters often of the bumbling variety and they get up to ridiculous antics and The Orchid Affair one was about par for the course though it takes a little while to get to the ridiculous antics as Paris is far too grim and serious for such things evidently Sadly we re getting to the point where Willig has paired off so many people it seems almost absurd when you come across them a whole group of perfectly matched couples in charge of espionage operations across the Channel But I chuckled and read the book in a weekend so clearly it was all still amusing enough It wasn t my favorite of her novels by any means the best one in the recent past was The Betrayal of the Blood Lily It was good to get back to the actual center of the series aka the French Revolution though and the French perspective was a nice angle The Mischief of the Mistletoe introduced a whole crop of younger sisters so clearly Willig has ample future heroines tucked away so I ll keep on reading Reading a Lauren Willig novel is an exceedingly pleasant way to pass a winter s afternoonevening Just keep the tea warm and the scones at the ready

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    Here's the thing If you're at the point where you're reading the SEVENTH of a series in HARDCOVER you don't really need my review Yo

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    I'm glad to see Willig getting back to a espionage heavy plot I thought the political intrigue here was one of her best she notes at the end that it is based on real events and characters and I think that approa

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    The Silver Orchid shines in post revolutionary Paris The Orchid Affair is Willig’s eighth novel in the popular Pink Carnation series set during the Napoleonic Wars between England and France They involve historical espionage romance swash buckle and a fair dose of comedy and sardonic wit – neatly ticking off all the check boxe

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    This was much MUCH better than the last couple of Carnation books I don't even think I really remember those I must have blocked them out Jane actually shows up and the focus is back on FranceEngland which makes much sense since I doubt the Secret Carnation controlled espionage on every continentAnyway this one was a bit mature in terms of character both Laura and Andre are in their 30s and I felt that it was a

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    Oh dear Laura and Letty are now having a face off over who is the best Willig heroine Arabella is looking on to see if she can capitalize on the disagreement if Pen doesn't beat her to the punchline Mary thinks she is better than all this Charlotte is reading a book and Hen and Amy are far too busy training new spies to notice

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    Oh I loved this installment of Pink Carnation The historical action shifts to France and I loved the intrigue The Selwick spy school sends one of its pupils off on a mission and it kept me buried deep in readingLaura Grey has spent 16 long years as a governess and her life feels as drab and grey as her wardrobe Given the chance she goes unde

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    There's a reason why Lauren Willig's books are so popular and The Orchid Affair reminded me of why I didn't want this book to end The story is an excellent well rounded historical There's lots of adventure and mystery great characters and a lot of sweet romanceThe book started a little slow for me there wasn't a lot of action at t

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    Ahh Willig is such a delightful author to read Buta funny thing happened on the way through this book a subtle role revers

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    35 stars After diving back into the Pink Carnation series with the sixth book The Betrayal of the Blood Lily I was

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    Laura Grey has had it being a governess She has just graduated from the Selwick Spying Academy and is off to France to do her bit to fight the revolution Of course she just happens to be going to France in the very role she was trying to escape that of governess Laura or precisely Laure Griscogne has been away from her homeland since her parents died and left her orphaned and having to take care of herself in the only way possi