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Ess of vengeance She is sometimes represented with a helm and a wheel and sometimes in a chariot pulled by griffins mythical creatures with the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lionNEPTUNE Greek Poseidon was the son of Saturn and Ops and brother of Jupiter and Pluto To him was given the kingdom of the sea but he did not regard this as eual to the empire of heaven and earth and he conspired with other gods to dethrone Jupiter For this he was punished but afterwards accepted his portion peacefully He made love to Amphitrite as a dolphin and assumed other shapes for other like deceptions He is usually represented with a trident in his hand being drawn across the sea in a chariot by brazen hoofed horses attended by tritons and nymp.

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Dictionary of Mythological Gods, Heroes, Places, and Things

Of the countless references that are made from time to time in the literature of the day to classic subjects It is a great wonderland and forms a realm all its ownOriginally published in the 1800s in Pears Shilling Cyclopaedia this Kindle dictionary euivalent in length to a physical book of approximately 80 pages includes than 400 entries concerning mythological gods heroes places and thingsSample passageNARCISSUS a beautiful youth son of the river god Cephisus The nymph Echo sec ECHO fell in love with him but he did not return her passion To avenge this offence Venus caused him to become enad of his own reflection in the waters of a fountain Unable to possess himself of this shadow he at last killed himselfNEMESIS daughter of Nox and godd.

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A knowledge of mythology may not be a necessity to success in business or in any other sphere except a purely scholastic one At the same time it greatly adds to ones enjoyment of literature art and conversation to possess some acuaintance with the imaginary characters places and incidents of the ancient myths which have been such an inspiring influence to writers of all ages Few people outside literary and educational workers have opportunity or leisure sufficient to acuire or keep up a knowledge of this particular branch of learning Thus it may be useful to present in dictionary form the stories in brief of the classic gods heroes places and things of the old Greek and Roman literature and mythology It will lead to a better understanding.

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