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    Well writtenThe first uarter of the book started with how the protagonist fell later narratives were bit crampedThe second half was interestin

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Summary Ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¹ Umesh Kotru

Bhishma an Enigma

Other Vedvyasa and Vidura among many others the feeling of having failed in his primary mission of protecting the Kuru dynasty haunted him even on his bed of arrows Although he was revered and simultaneously feared as Bhishma he spent his entire life in a struggle to resolve his internal as well as external turmoilLike ordinary mortals it seems that the extensive knowledge of scriptures gained from his guru Mahari.

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Shi Vasishta did not in any way help him in overcoming his miseries Bhishma would have been known only as a great warrior and someone who resolutely stood by his word had it not been for the grace of Sri Krishna which brought forth the other facet of his personality of being a Brahmagyani That enabled him to address all ueries of Yudhishthira lying as he was on the bed of arrows before his departure from this worl.

Summary Ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¹ Umesh Kotru

The pedigree of being a demi god in his previous life and the scion of the foremost dynasty in the Aryavarta should have ensured a smooth life for Prince Devavrata But it was not to be His upbringing by Goddess Ganga herself and training under the best Gurus of his time could not change his destiny in any way His struggle to keep his dynasty afloat lasted his entire lifetime Despite repeated counselling from his m.

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