[free Barely Legal Bestiality 2 Story Bundle] Ebook by Jezebel Rose

Jezebel Rose ✓ 1 CHARACTERS

Large tight knot while tears stream down her face in confusion and ecstasyDaddy’s Youngest Daughter is Raped by a HorseDaddy has his youngest daughter Annie clean out the stables at night Having several prized champion horses Annie has always felt the strongest towards Midnight the massive muscular horse that has won thousands of awards due to his speed a.


Barely Legal Bestiality 2 Story Bundle

Little Ashley Forcefully Raped by Her DogAfter a fantastic morning run innocent Ashley heads home for a nice relaxing evening until her dog starts lapping at her panties Trying to push the dog off does nothing as his instinctual breeding season was coming to an end and he was forceful Pushing inside he stretches her pulling and gripping at her walls with his.

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Nd enduranceAnnie finds herself underneath the horse after getting into the small pen to take care of Midnight’s hay With a uick look up she is intrigued Reading about animal and human sexuality was her thing Eager to see an animal cum she jerks at the horse until it dawns on her that perhaps her virgin little pussy would be the best way to get the horse o.

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