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    It took me a while to get back to this book as l read three other books in the meantime I'm not a saga reader but l like to try other types of books Susan Sallis by Sun and Candlelight held my interest but l find the ending a little predictable The book followed the teenage friends in adulthood The characters are strong the setting interesting but the plot line a little weak and predictable as far as the testing of the friendship

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    45 really based on how interested it kept me The story was an intriguing one despite the many problems I had with it The amount of drama and the border line incestuous relationships were annoying but nevertheless an entertaining book

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    I thought this was going to fit into the category I class as 'lightweight' but there was a surprising amount of meat to the story; very good

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They discovered the empty cottage in 1940 when they were still at school four teenage friends from wildly different backgrounds and with the war casting its shadow over their lives The cottage becam.

characters By Sun and Candlelight

By Sun and Candlelight

And it was there that their story really began For Bessie born secretly and shamefully to one of them raised by another and loved by them all came to represent what was the very best in their lives.

Free download ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Susan Sallis

E a place of refuge for them symbolising their loyalty to one another which held in the face of jealousy passion tragedy and betrayal It was to the cottage that Monica came pregnant alone frightened.